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hi! first of all, THANK YOU for ecolips (unflavored)! I have 8 month old B/G twins who are currently teething. And drooling. A lot. My son got the worst rash I have ever seen on his face/neck/hands and after trying every single organic face balm on the market, it occurred to me to try something MEANT to go on or near the mouth. Food grade material is vital. So I found your ecolips gold and WOW!!! after a couple weeks of applying often, Liam's face, neck and hands are finally clearing up (with no change in the drooling dept.). My point in contacting you is to say, market this please as a face balm for babies!!! Your product is superior, made responsibly (and locally). I know many other mothers would be thrilled at an organic, scent and flavor-free face balm. I would even go so far as to show (share) before and after pictures of my beautiful twins to endorse this product. It changed my son's quality of life and for that I will be eternally grateful. He no longer cries when I apply it!
I am obviously a very busy woman but I am telling everyone I know about your product. Even my fellow Mensans, who as geniuses do not know about Ecolips! Your goods are too good to be kept under wraps! Next time I hit BabiesR Us, I will be ensuring they bring your product in (by the till) if they want my buhjillions of dollars!!
sending you all lots of love and light!! thanks again!

Carolyn from CO
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