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Introducing My Eco Lips - Create Your Own Lip Balm!

Create your own lip balm exactly how you want it!  You can create a unique formula from over 2 billion combinations and customize the label in a few easy steps!  Make your custom lip balm here!

Looking for the best lip balms?  You've found them.

Try our clear and tinted lip balms to see the difference!  We make natural lip balms, organic lip balms and lip balms with SPF.  Compare our ingredients to your current lip balm.

See for yourself in our online store or create your own lip balm!

All Lip Balms
All Lip Balms

$1.99 and up
SPF Lip Balms
SPF Lip Balms

$2.49 and up
Tinted Lip Balms
Tinted Lip Balms

$4.49 and up

Swell Women and Eco Lips


Thanks so much for the product. Unfortunately, it was too late for my January retreats but I will add them to the bags for April and May/June. Your product matches perfectly with the SwellWomen concept of taking care of yourself and extending that out to the environment.

Thanks again!

Many Blissings,
Me-Shell Barnas
Founder CHECK OUT OUR 2005 DATES!!!
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