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Introducing My Eco Lips - Create Your Own Lip Balm!

Create your own lip balm exactly how you want it!  You can create a unique formula from over 2 billion combinations and customize the label in a few easy steps!  Make your custom lip balm here!

Looking for the best lip balms?  You've found them.

Try our clear and tinted lip balms to see the difference!  We make natural lip balms, organic lip balms and lip balms with SPF.  Compare our ingredients to your current lip balm.

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Outdoor Photographer uses Eco Lips

I heard about Eco Lips from a Guayaki Yerba Mate newsletter, and decided to try it out. I'm definitely glad I did! I'm a photographer who regularly shoots outdoors, and up until now, I've always just ignored chapped lips due to a general dislike of chapstick. But Eco Lips lip balm is different. It doesn't feel oily like other lip balms. Instead, Eco Lips feels, well, natural. I've already ordered Eco Lips to give as gifts for my family. I couldn't be happier with your products, and I'll be sure to always carry Eco Lips with me on all my future photography endeavors!

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