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Introducing My Eco Lips - Create Your Own Lip Balm!

Create your own lip balm exactly how you want it!  You can create a unique formula from over 2 billion combinations and customize the label in a few easy steps!  Make your custom lip balm here!

Looking for the best lip balms?  You've found them.

Try our clear and tinted lip balms to see the difference!  We make natural lip balms, organic lip balms and lip balms with SPF.  Compare our ingredients to your current lip balm.

See for yourself in our online store or create your own lip balm!

All Lip Balms
All Lip Balms

$1.99 and up
SPF Lip Balms
SPF Lip Balms

$2.49 and up
Tinted Lip Balms
Tinted Lip Balms

$4.49 and up

Holy lip balm!!!

I am in love with your lip balm. As you already know, I am a lip balm fanatic. Your organic lip balm is is the perfect blend of smooth and silky without being sticky and thick. If that makes any sense. It is exactly what I was looking for.

I have a baggie filled with all the ones that I will never use because they are either sticky and cakey or they are to thick to go on. I can now throw them away!

Kudos to you for a great product.

My family has hooked them on to all our jackets so we are never to far from chapped lip relief. My friends are now "hooked" too!

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! Thank you so much. I hope to see EcoLips in the stores near me soon. I know you won't have a problem selling it once everyone has had a chance to try it. (good bye Burt's Bees)

Have a great day, and THANK YOU again.


Tracy-Rhode Island
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