Mongo Kiss lip balm

This is the best lip balm ever! And I say that as a 45-year-old who has used lip balm since college. More as a replacement for lipstick or gloss than for chronically dry lips, but for chapped lips as well. It feels so good and smooth going on, it's just a bit glossy, it keeps my lips soft, it smells good. I love that it's production is sustainable, helping people and organic. Honestly, the sensual pleasure of putting it on alone makes me want to use it. Thanks!


Subject: Love My Eco Lips!!!!!

Hi there! Just wanted to send praises about the My Eco lips, the customizable lip balm... I CAN NOT get enough of the formula I did with my first balm and am wanting to try so many more combinations :) I am a lip balm junkie to say the least and I am so glad the product I am getting is not bad for me either. This will for sure be go to place for lip balms now since there are so many flavor options and you can even specify the thickness of the balm which is a big issue I have with them either being way to hard or greasy... the medium glide is just perfect and the easy glide will be great for summer! Love that I can choose ingredients from balms I have really liked but maybe didn't care for the flavor or something about it and this way you can make it your own. Please don't ever get rid of this...
Keep up the great work, love this company!


Greetings from Colorado! I just had to write you to say how extremely grateful I am to have found your product recently, specifically the Restore Coconut Ginger Soothing Lip Balm, LOVE IT. How I have lived this far without it I will never know. Let me back up and tell you why I am so happy to have found you.

First of all, let me tell you, I will buy anything that has coconut in it, whether it be to ingest or slather all over my body, I will buy it! It’s true, I love it that much. Also, I’m a sucker for all the chap sticks, lip balms, lip glosses found next to the registers so while I was making my rounds at Sunflower Market (located in Aurora, CO) the other day your Restore Coconut Ginger Soothing Lip Balm of course caught my eye. I recently visited Buena Vista, CO to partake in my first rafting trip (so much fun), however while I was lubing myself up with sunscreen, I did so for every exposed part of my body EXCEPT for my lips, big mistake, huge! On our way back from Buena Vista we made a pit stop visit at a local grocery store, I bee lined it to the lip isle and bought what I thought would be a good purchase for these burning lips of mine, unfortunately I have had this brand beefore and once again was disappointed. So I’ve been desperately trying to find something to sooth these lips and that’s when I found you.
So let me tell you, taking the first whiff after excitedly twisting off the cap was so lovely but then when I applied the Restore lip balm to my aching lips, oh geez, it was like heaven, no wait! It’s like applying butter all over my lips, haha! It’s that good. Ya know how when you buy lip products they easily can get lost in pockets, between car seats, in the dryer, yeah well not gunna happen with this one. I’ve been reapplying this stuff obsessively since I bought it and my lips are well on their way to being healthy again.
So there ya go, you have a customer for live with me and I will be sharing my new found lip love of ECO LIPS with all my friends (ya like that? Lip Love :)). Oh by the way, your website is awesome, keep up the amazing work you do and oh yeah, my lips thank you. Take Care.



I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I stumbled across you by accident about a year or two ago. I was searching for a good quality lip balm that came with a leash for my key chain. You would be surprised how hard it is to find. That's when I stumbled upon Eco Lips. I bought one lip balm with leash and have been hooked ever since. I've shared your product with many friends and family. I have not tried one of your products yet that I did not like. They are high quality, of course eco friendly, and taste wonderful. Keep up the good work and thank you for making a product I feel proud to use and recommend to friends.


hi! first of all, THANK YOU for ecolips (unflavored)! I have 8 month old B/G twins who are currently teething. And drooling. A lot. My son got the worst rash I have ever seen on his face/neck/hands and after trying every single organic face balm on the market, it occurred to me to try something MEANT to go on or near the mouth. Food grade material is vital. So I found your ecolips gold and WOW!!! after a couple weeks of applying often, Liam's face, neck and hands are finally clearing up (with no change in the drooling dept.). My point in contacting you is to say, market this please as a face balm for babies!!! Your product is superior, made responsibly (and locally). I know many other mothers would be thrilled at an organic, scent and flavor-free face balm. I would even go so far as to show (share) before and after pictures of my beautiful twins to endorse this product. It changed my son's quality of life and for that I will be eternally grateful. He no longer cries when I apply it!
I am obviously a very busy woman but I am telling everyone I know about your product. Even my fellow Mensans, who as geniuses do not know about Ecolips! Your goods are too good to be kept under wraps! Next time I hit BabiesR Us, I will be ensuring they bring your product in (by the till) if they want my buhjillions of dollars!!
sending you all lots of love and light!! thanks again!

Carolyn from CO

I am writing with a heartfelt thanks. I live in northern Manitoba, and it is DRY! We have roughly 9 months of very cold, windy winters.

Anytime my lips were dry, I would use a lip balm and within 30 minutes, have what I thought was a cold sore on my lips. I went to an allergist who (to my relief) explained that it was a blister, caused by my lip balm. Although I knew that, I still needed to find something I could use on my mouth. I tried all the regular brands: Chapstick, Nivea, Burt's Bees, etc, etc and still got blisters on my lips!

And then I found your product! Your "Pure & Simple" line of Lip Balms has given me a blissful year on being blister free. It is the one thing I never leave my house without and have stashed in various places.... my desk....golf locker....car....

Lately I have begun to have troubles with some of my lipsticks as I am allergic to cinnamon and cinnamon is (as it turns out) in a lot of lip stuff. I hate that feeling - trying a product and wondering if, in 30 minutes, you are going to have an unsightly blister on your top lip....

Thank you for creating the one product I never have to worry about! I am so very grateful and show my appreciation by talking about your product often!

Miranda in Manitoba

I have been a lip balm fiend ever since I moved to Colorado in 1995. I was always on the lookout for the BEST. I feel like I've tried every single lip balm on the market... even paying upward $12 a tube!

And then I found Eco Lips. I'm not sure *when* that was. LOL. But ever since, I don't buy ANYTHING other than Eco Lips SPF 15 Mint. Now that I live in Texas, it's less dry, but I still can't live without Eco Lips!

I keep one in my purse, one attached to my wallet, one on my bedside table, one in my studio, and a few others randomly placed around the house... just in case I don't have one in my pocket at the time. I also make sure I have a "backup" stash in the bathroom... at all times.

No other lip balms come close, and I recommend it to everyone I meet! ;-) I usually get it at Whole Foods, but today I ordered from you, the berry and coconut flavors. I'm sure I'll love those as well. Thank you for taking such great care of our lips! I so appreciate you guys!


I first tried Eco Lips four years ago when I received a free sample at a natural products trade show. I've been hooked on the Mint SPF 15 balm ever since. I continue to try new lip balm brands all the time - though I don't know why, because NONE even come close to Eco Lips. I end up wasting my money. Yours is truly the only lip balm that prevents my lips from chapping during winter.
I've been able to find it in only one local store locally; for a couple years now I've gone there to buy lip balm and nothing else. Unfortunately they recently stopped stocking it. My kind husband drove all over town trying to find Eco Lips (while I was home with our newborn) to no avail, so I was so happy to find your web site. I ordered my favorite balm, and am excited to try your new tinted balms.
Thanks for making a great product!

Amy - Asheville, NC

I received my Eco Lips yesterday in the mail. It's the time of year when my lips get really dry. While I was waiting, I was really needing some balm, but refused to go buy some...so you can imagine the state of my lips. I put the Plush Red on last night the second I got my package. Not only did it not make my lips bright red, but it healed them immediately. Normally I have to apply several coats to get them under control. But last night I only had to apply one coat. 4 hours later my lips still were moisturized. It's not greasy like so many balms out there. It's smooth and soft. I'm not worried about breaking out around my lips, like so many lip balm make me do. In fact when I first put it on and realized what an amazing chap stick it the song literally went through my head "Heaven....I'm in heaven". I am a complete convert. My husband was so amazed at how happy I was, he took the Eco Lips Sport that came with my set. And did I mention that the scents are subtle, but so sweet? Love love love!!!!


I would like start out by saying how much I love your products! I am so in love with them. I remember the first time I tried it was through a friend. For Christmas, I want to be very creative and make baskets of your products for my loved ones, both male and female. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


I'm another one full of praise for your amazing Bee Free vegan lip balm.

I must agree with the others that state most confidently, that it truly is THE most nourishing lip balm!

My lips have always been very prone to dryness and this lip balm soothes and heals instantly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for gifting us vegans with this marvelous lip balm.

(vegan for 10 years)

Rev. Angel Marie

I have used a variety of Eco Lips lip balm for about 3 years and I have not found any lip balm product that is better. Your balms don't feel heavy, greasy, or waxy; they feel very soothing and healing. Thank you for having such good products.


I love Eco Lips and the way it makes my lips feel. I have a few flavours and I love the handy clips for making sure they are always with me.


Eco Lips is seriously the only lip balm that I will buy. I use the Bee Free lip balm, because anything with beeswax in it gives me itchy lips. This product is the only one I have used that does not irritate my sensitive skin. Plus, it lasts a long time so I don't have to re-apply very often. It is hard to find sometimes, but so worth it!!!


Thank you so much for making Eco Lips! I was looking for an alternative to petroleum jelly, which I used several times a day, until I found out that it was bad for me! Then I found your product and was relieved. It was the right texture for my lips and I love it! Thanks for making a natural great product.


About six months ago, I was given a container with several Eco Lips lip balms in it. It came on a clip, and the kind was Sport, SPF 30. I gave a few away, not realizing how great this lip balm was. Nothing can compare to it. I am known as a lip balm fanatic, having anywhere from 100 to 200 lip balms at my house at any time. I used to wake up throughout the night just to apply more, but the Eco Lips, not only does it keep my lips soft I do not have to re-apply often. They keep my lips shiny, and maybe, just maybe I will wake up once, and put on more Eco Lips. Now, I am down to only three new ones left. Thanks!


I LOVE your vegan lip balm! I love it because there is NO BEESWAX! Thank You!


I came across this lip balm in a health food store in the Fall of 2008. It is the most amazing lip balm I've ever tried. My lips didn't chap this winter and it didn't aggravate my allergies. The smoothness in which it goes on and the smell is wonderful. I especially like that it is free of gluten, beeswax, petroleum & paraben.


I just want to say how much I love your lip balms. I have tried a hundreds of lip balms over the course of my life (I always need something on my lips) and since I discovered Eco Lips I have never bought another brand.

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work.


Just wanted to let you know that your Bee Free lip balm is the best lip balm I have ever used. And I appreciate that it is vegan.


I love the new Face Stick! When my keys, with it attached, went through security at the fair, someone said "Now THAT's a lip balm!" I just hit the end of it. =[ It smells & feels so good I have used it as a face/hands/arms stick.

Laurie - Sonoma County, CA

I am addicted to lip balm. I admit it! No matter where my family members go, they bring me home lip balm. Yours is my absolute FAVORITE! I found a co-labled berry balm (with Stony Field Farm). It's so gone now that I really have to try to put it on . . . but its not gone YET and I am going to use it all! The two best things about your balm are that it's so smooth and you don't have to put it on constantly! Which is good for me since I'm a nurse and every time I put on lip balm I have to wash my hands. I have tried so many lip balms I can't even keep them all straight but that tube of berry I got at the Made in NH Expo - I've been inseparable from it. The poor tube is on it's last leg and has been staying home; I've been lost with out it. I absolutely can't wait for my order to come in. :) Thank you so much for an amazing product!

Andrea - Sunapee, NH

I am new to Eco Lips, running across the website after reading a lip balm review from someone who was rating various lip balms. He gave a good review to the stick, and having never heard of Eco Lips, I naturally went to the website to learn more.

I'm glad I did. What a great wealth of information, eco news, activism of sorts - and ohbytheway - great products! I ordered several balms and accessories - they came fast - and I really like them all. I've tried LOTS of lip balms since I've cut way back on makeup, but I have to say Eco Lips have to rank as my favorite. I ordered the Bee Free, and it's great! After it's been on your lips for a minute or so, you can really taste it! Very nice.

Keep up the good work!

Cindy, a proud Eco Lips user

Cindy - Cincinnati

I just wanted to compliment you on the Peppermint SPF lip balm. I'm usually not a fan of lip balms because they've historically made my lips drier. I received this one from a vendor and it's the greatest! I plan on finding it in the store to try the tints! Thank you for your vision and creating a great product, that actually works!

Vikki - Atlanta

It's rare that I give feedback for products that I use, but I've been so impressed with your Eco Lips vanilla hemp lip balm, that I wanted to give you some props. It is without question the best lip balm I've ever used. Smooth, moist, protective, mild... Thanks for developing an excellent product that really works! ;)


I thought you should know that my whole family is in love with Eco Lips. Not just my husband and three kids, but my parents, my brothers, my in-laws... it's crazy! I've been a long time fan, but I recently gave these out as a party favor and shortly thereafter everyone needed to know where they could buy more!!

Eco Tints are my favorite, especially Rose Quartz! :-)


WOW! Eco Lips is amazing!! I'm a lip balm fanatic and feel like I've tried nearly every lip balm on the planet, but Eco Lips has definitely caught my attention. After trying the Eco Lips Gold, I was so impressed that I had to see what else you had to offer - now I have a whole collection of Eco Lips! I keep it in my purse, in my car, next to my nightstand... I LOVE it! Thanks for going above and beyond!


I just wanted to shoot a little email to tell you guys, you have an amazing product. I bought the medicated version at a little store called Wave Rave in Mammoth Lakes on my last ski trip. This lip balm outperformed any other I have ever used while skiing. I went back the next day I and bought three more tubes, this stuff is awesome!!!

Keep up the good work!

Anaheim Hills CA

Dearest Eco Lips,

Today as I was sitting in class I noticed that my lips were a little dry. As I went to saturate them with the wonderful goodness that is Eco Lips Beta Balm Bee Free Pomegranate, I realized that I am now completely out of this product. It is always a sad day when you turn the bottom of the tube to raise the balm upwards for the last time. And as I thought deeply and gazed into the soul of what is my favorite balm, I noticed this email address.

I just have to say, you never fully appreciate a good thing until it is gone.

So, you ask me for my thoughts. Well, I am a fan. A huge fan. I only use Eco Lips, it is one of the few products I am actually loyal to and the bee free pomegranate is my favorite.

So, thank you for all of your hard work in crafting such masterpieces as the hemp, berry balm, medical, and pomegranate balms.


I'm a vegan and a huge fan of your classic Bee Free lemon/lime flavor, and during my last purchase I also bought one of the Bee Free Pomegranate balms. I love it! It's perfect--the same easy-glide texture of the original, plus the wonderful fragrance and flavor of pomegranate. I will definitely buy this flavor again, and I recommend that it be made a permanent part of the Eco Lips team.


Just a quick note to let you know how very impressed I am with your company and your service. My orders have been shipped almost as soon as I place them, and the product is wonderful.

I had been having a problem with VERY dry and cracking lips this winter, and within one day of using your product I felt improvement. I immediately threw out all my other lip balm and placed an order for more Eco Lips, as I never want to be without it!!

Thanks to all you caring people! I will be spreading the word about your product. Gave a tube to my daughter and she loves it (hides it from her husband, who has a habit of "borrowing" her lip products and never returning them!!)

Janet B.

Smooth and softening...

I recently bought a tube of your bee-free Pomegranate lip balm, and I love it! It's smooth and softening without being greasy. Many lip balms tend to get flaky after an hour or so, but this one definitely doesn't. It's sweet and really smells/tastes like pomegranate... Keep up the good work!

To Purchase Eco Lips Pomegranate Beta Lip Balm Click Here

Kate B.

i just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that i have used numerous products over the years, including the expensive burt's bees products, and i have found nothing that i LOVE more than your product. i found it by accident, if you will, about 2 yrs ago and have been "hooked" ever since.
a very sincere thanks!!!


Helping me sleep....

Just a little feedback... I LOVE the Lavender Lip Beta-Balm. It really works in helping me to sleep - more quickly and longer. Thank you! Hope you keep it as a permanent item. And by the way, your Gold and Hemp lip balm are great for repairing dry, cracked lips.

To purchase Eco Lips Lavender Beta Balm click here


I heard you on the Health Ranger Show...

Hi Steve,
I heard you on the Health Ranger show & want to say thank you ... I did not know that my favorite lip balm has bugs in it :( Burts Bees Watermelon with 100% Natural Carmine has been my favorite, till I found out from you what Carmine is. I tossed that stuff right in the trash & scrubbed it off my lips, yuk !!! I am going to Whole Foods tonight to get some of your lip balm (found it in LA with the store locator). I am also going to grab a few extra for my boyfriend and his surfer buddies ... I'm sure they will love it too.
Well, just wanted to send out appreciation for the info & it's nice to hear about your product.
Take care,

I heard you on the Health Ranger Show...

i LOVE the stuff! i found it at a local healthfood store and thought the carbiner clip was a wonderful idea, so i bought myself one. and LOVED IT, works wonders on my lips and yet isn't overpowering with taste and waxy feel or greasy. loved it so much i went back to the store and bought them out, gave them to all the nurses i work with on my unit and they love it too. every one of them has it clipped to their name badge! soooo glad i found you!!!


Outdoor Photographer uses Eco Lips

I heard about Eco Lips from a Guayaki Yerba Mate newsletter, and decided to try it out. I'm definitely glad I did! I'm a photographer who regularly shoots outdoors, and up until now, I've always just ignored chapped lips due to a general dislike of chapstick. But Eco Lips lip balm is different. It doesn't feel oily like other lip balms. Instead, Eco Lips feels, well, natural. I've already ordered Eco Lips to give as gifts for my family. I couldn't be happier with your products, and I'll be sure to always carry Eco Lips with me on all my future photography endeavors!

Click here to visit www.gtbarnes.com

Gary Barnes Photography

Never use any other lip balm.

As an Iowa native, now living in MN, I have to admit I had never heard of Ecolips, up until 4 years ago when I started doing the Pigman Half-Ironman Triathlon in Palo. And in our "goodie bags" was an Ecolips lip balm. Well, I'm sorry I hadn't heard of Ecolips before! I love the lemon lime lip balm and will never use anything else! Thanks and keep up the good work!


"walk on the beach"

I placed an order last month and love your stuff! I'd ordered the SP30 lip balm with the leashes. They're great. I walk on the beach almost every day (lucky, huh?) and it's my constant companion. Anyway, just placed a larger order and plan on sharing my new find with my friends. Thanks again for a great line of products. Also, am very sorry about your flooding. Best to you and your families.


Peeling lips a thing of the past

Hello EcoLips,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new EcoLips products! After yet another go-round with peeling, chapped lips (despite constant use of other "expensive brand" lip glosses), I found a tube of EcoLips Bee Free Lemon-Lime at a local supermarket. I loved it so much, I went online the next day and bought 5 more tubes of your other lip balms. While I waited for my shipment to arrive, I can't tell you how many times I left my Bee Free in a pocket or drawer and actually turned my car around to go back to get it!

I am happy to say that my peeling lips are now a thing of the past and I am well stocked with tubes of EcoLips in my purse, car, house, office, and on my keychain! I love the fact that you use so many organic good-for-my-lips products. It makes me wonder about all the chemicals I have been putting on my lips (and in my body!) in the past! Yuck!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!


First I would like to say that your customer appreciation, quality of care is AWESOME. Thank you for being humbly open to feedback. Searching for products based on ingredients is very challenging. I am joyfully pleased to know that ECO LIPS has true integrity when it comes to ALL of their products. The first thing I do with a product that has an abundant an\mount of ingredients listed on the label is PUT IT BACK on the shelf (especially if is not organic). I feel safe and secure when I read labels with organic, all natural and limited ingredients on them. I am impressed with the moisture capability of the Eco Lips Bee Free (it is my favorite so far, I have it everywhere; car, house, work, handbags...never want to "BEE" without it) and the Beta Balm Line is truly "The Balm". Beta Line smells good and works effectively to hydrate your lips. I give ECO LIPS products to the younger children in my family with full confidence that they will not be affected by chemical reactions (BEEcause there NO CHEMICALS!). Thank you ECO Lips I am sold, signed, sealed and delivered to you as a customer as long as you prosper (and I hope you do flourish). Peace and many Blessings.


...searching for 1-2 years

I'm allergic to pollen and am chemically sensitive. After searching for 1-2 years for a chemical free lip balm I tried your Bee Free Lemon-Lime flavor. I love it. Glad you came out with more Bee Free options and an unscented Bee Free SPF 15! Great job! Thank You again!


Out of curiosity...

Out of curiosity, I ordered a single EcoTints (Plush Red) lip balm. The order shipped faster than I expected, and I loved it! I have very dry lips and tend to lick them a lot, but this really worked, and I loved the color.

I just ordered two more to try, and will definitely be placing more orders in the future!


Just a quick note to let you know how very impressed I am with your company and your service. My orders have been shipped almost as soon as I place them, and the product is wonderful.

I had been having a problem with VERY dry and cracking lips this winter, and within one day of using your product I felt improvement. I immediately threw out all my other lip balm and placed this order for more EcoLips, as I never want to be without it!!

Thanks to all you caring people! I will be spreading the word about your product. Gave a tube to my daughter and she loves it (hides it from her husband, who has a habit of "borrowing" her lip products and never returning them!!)

Thanks again.


I got some EcoTint from a friend, and I love this stuff! One of my pet peeves is my hair getting stuck in my lip balm/gloss, but this balm is shiny without being sticky, and the color is really nice, too. I will be buying more in the future :)


Mad about your lip balm...

My son has a tic and licks his lips. If he goes without lip balm, he gets terribly raw. He is absolutely mad about your lip balm and he looks totally normal. The clips and lanyards and all that are great, too, because he has his lip balm at hand no matter where he is. And, because there are actual healing ingredients in your balm, he does not have to apply it incessantly. The rest of the family is jus as thrilled and I especially love the tints. Thanks again.


My Compliments!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Eco Lips Medicinal lip balm. I've been struggling with cold sores for a while now, and I tried almost every brand of lip treatment I could get my hands on. Finally, I picked up a tube of Eco Lips Medicinal balm, and within a day of use my cold sores cleared right up! I have a big event coming up that I didn't want the cold sores for, but they're gone now!! I'm so overjoyed; I'm recommending your product to anyone who will listen!! Thanks so much for a truly miracle product!


...wonderful for my lips!

I just got my Eco Lips in the mail! I tried it and I love it! So soothing! Thank you for making something so wonderful for my lips!


Praise For Eco Lips!

Hi there Eco Lips,

I just wanted to add my two cents to the praise for your fabulous lip balm. Something I wanted to make sure people know is that this stuff lasts a long, long time. I have an "eco clip" on my key ring, so I always have my lip balm with me, and I use it pretty much every time I get in the car. And after almost a year, it's STILL not used up! Maybe I somehow got a magic, everlasting lip balm, or maybe you guys make such a high quality product that a little goes a long way, which is economical for me AND good for the environment (less packaging!). How you make a profit when these things are so cheap and last so long, I'll never know. But thanks!!


(Vegan)Bee Free Pomegranate is awesome!

Smells great, feels good and totally works. :)


Day 1:
-cracked, chapped lips after trip to Colorado
-googled "chapped lips" and found ecolips; ordered med ex
Day 2:
-started using med ex
-within 12 hours, lips alot better
-lips almost completely healed; wow

I like your site and its underlying message, "we care about your lips." Thank you.


Changed the way I sleep...

Eco Lips Beta Balm Lavender has changed the way I sleep!!! I put on the balm before bed and am sleeping sooner and longer! I cannot get enough of this product! This balm is a keeper - great to use for help with any type of stress!!! I keep one beside my bed and have bought one for all my family members so they can feel better and enjoy more restful sleep. Thank you, thank you Ecolips for helping me release the day's tension, feel more calm, and get a better night's sleep!


Passion Fruit Beta Balm

Hi. I just wanted to weigh in on the passionfruit flavor beta-balm. It's amazing-slick and moisturizing, and smells great. I wouldn't change anything about it.


Every other lip balm gives cold sores

Hi! I have recently tried your Bee Free Blueberry and my sister-in-law tried the new Strawberry-Kiwi. Neitehr of us have particularly dry lips, but live with harsh winters. Every other balm we have tried gives both of us cold sores. I think it is from Petroleum and possibly "non-organic Beeswax". We dread having to use lip balm as we know it will bring about cold sores... This is the first product that has not resulted in cold sores. I am so glad to have found your site while searching! You have no idea how grateful we are! Thanks!

M & S

Lip balm of choice!

I tend to have really dry lips during the winter months and lately I have developed a dry patch on only one side of my lips that did not seem to be going away anytime soon. It was very irritatiing and other medicinal products that I tried failed to give me the desired relief. I turned to the Medicinal Eco Lips, which is now my lip balm of choice. This product keeps my lips protected and moist, no matter the curcumstances. I recommend this product to anyone with extremely dry lips.


Keep up the positive work!!!

I bought the mint and "Gold" lip balms a week ago and am really happy with the quality and effectiveness of both products. I especially like the mint balm, which has a great pick-me-up scent. Keep up the great and positive work!!!


Hello, Eco Lips

Just wanted to say "thank you" for creating such a wonderful product. I use Eco Lips throughout all seasons and find it to be so helpful. LOVE the Organic-ness of it! When a wonderfully healthy product is created, I believe in acknowledging how much (it) is appreciated - - I appreciate you!!!


Pefect Vegan Lip Balm

I've been a lip balm junkie for as long as I can remember, but after about 5 years of being vegan, I'd nearly come to accept that my balm options were limited to paste-like sticks of goo, or rock-hard and unsavory flavored tubes. Almost a year ago, I bought Eco Lips Bee Free, on impulse, and I've been absolutely addicted ever since. It has become my sole balm; I always have one in my pocket, one on my keychain, and a spare in my bag. Infinite thanks for creating the hands-down perfect vegan lip balm.


...cracks around my mouth..

I picked up a tube of Bee Free yesterday...and just under 24 hours later the difference is amazing!
Honest, I'm completely pain-free and the cracks around my mouth have healed almost completely! This is fantastic, and I'll be sure to be a loyal Eco Lips customer.



Thank you, thank you! I looked for five years again to find another lip balm holder and you had some. I bought lots of Eco Leashes and have been using them for a year or so now on all my key chains. I never leave home now without multiple balms in my pockets and Eco Leach. I can't I am addicted!

I am going to have to try your other products too, I have only used the holders so far. My addiction has been blistex ,but am worried now seeing I use it every day x20 times and contains things like titanium! I like wearing titanium not eating it! Yikes..... I got my eye on trying
Organic Eco Lips Gold and Organic Eco Lips Medicinal soon. I just have so many balms right now 40+


...good business practices..

I'm impressed and convinced that this is my product to stick with. The Christmas stocking stuffers are now with my kids on there way back to homes in Chicago and Denver. The good news is spreading. Thanks again for good business practices and good products.


Med-ex. Magnificent!

The last couple days I’ve had the worst chapped lips I’ve probably ever had, and the Eco Med-X has worked amazingly. (of course). ONE application yesterday knocked back the actual pain and irritation right way. After only about 4 applications into the evening, the wounds have actually healed-over and scabbed by this morning. Yes, I do have scabby lips, but they are definitely healing! No pain or irritation has returned. Fixed within 12 hours easy. Magnificent!


...it changed my life.

recently at a dave matthews concert my boyfriend handed me a tube of stoneyfield organic lip balm. it changed my life. This was the first balm that actually did not require me to reapply every 30 mins to keep my lips from hurting and the first tube that i used all the way to the bottom (i even used a toothpick to get all of it out) Please, please i can not find this stoneyfield one anywhere, where can i order it or a whole box!

(note from Eco Lips: the Stonyfield lip balm is a co-label featuring our SPF 15 Berry, and our SPF 30 Sport balms)


...at a John Mayer concert...

I was at a John Mayer concert in July and i received a free sample and I love it !


Battling cold sores...

I've been battling cold sores all of my life, nad Eco Lips products work better than any others! It is an excellent product!



I recently purchased Bee Free Pomegranate, SPF15 Medicinal, and Eco Med-X. I haven't used the SPF15 Medicinal (it's for my mother), but the other two are great. The pomegranate has a nice light flavor and feel, I would imagine because it doesn't have any beeswax. I keep it in my desk at work and use it all the time.

The Eco Med-X is WONDERFUL. I have a tendency to get cracked lips in the winter, and I've been using this at night, it is working great. It's heavy enough to leave a good layer but not goopy or sticky or thick-feeling. It has a nice neutral flavor.

Thanks for the great products!


Awesome product!

You guys did custom EcoLips for my wedding in May and my guests as well as my husband and I loved them. Nobody had ever seen a personalized chapstick as a wedding favor and they loved it. We had several guests walking around tables taking extras! I still get compliments from my guests today about how awesome your product is. Thank you!!



Your lip balms are incredible! There is absolutely no other product which works as well. I will continue to be a dedicated user! Thank you!


I'm anxious to try the new balms -- the Sport SPF 30 is THE BEST lip balm I've ever used. Thanks!


I am so very pleased...

I am so very pleased with your EcoTints line! So many natural lip products are infused with mint, which irritates my daughter's lips. The vanilla is wonderful tasting and smelling, and the colors are beautiful! They are perfect for women, but also great for little girls...adding some color without that "made up" look. Thank you for making this product, and for submitting it to the Feingold Association.


My mother-in-law had to be put on oxygen. The nurse said that we would have to put something on her lips as they became dry & cracked.
Nothing with petroleum jelly can be used around oxygen, but Eco Lips is organic!! The lip balm kept her lips moist.
Thank you Eco Lips for creating products that everyone can use!


I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! You can feel the differnce between your lip balm and others. I love it!! Thanks for doing amazing things for our lips.


..great customer service...

I received the leashes the other day. I have been trying to get my sister to try Eco Lips for years. I made her a gift basket with all of the Eco Lips items included and she was absolutely thrilled with them.

Thank you for such great customer service. It is something that seems to be lacking in many companies these days. I will continue to support Eco Lips through purchases and recommendations for years to come.


May I just say that I LOVE these new Eco Tints. They are exactly what I was looking for in a tinted lip balm.

I will forever be a customer of Eco Lips now. :)


Great Job!

Not only do we love your products, but you guys are doing a great job with customer service and have an easy web site to use.


Best and most long lasting...

Hi there,

Just wanted you to know I received Ecolips sport balm for my birthday.

It is by far the best and most long lasting lip balm product I have ever used!

My teen daughter borrows it constantly.

And realizing that my local Whole Foods has sincerely missed out on a fabulous product, (that I am clearly running out of ),,…I penned a letter today hoping for some positive results.

I also purchased some ‘balm goodies’ from your website, just in case!

Nice website, great product, …..glad your around ! And thankful that I have such a wonderful healthy minded, environmentally conscious friend who knew I would LOVE this product!!!!

Thanks…have a glorious day.


What I like about Eco Tints...

What I like about the new Ecotints is you get a hint of color and moisture with no lipstick taste. All the colors are great!


I love Eco Lips!

i love ecolips!!!!!!!!!!!! i am telling all my freinds about your product. they all use petroleum based lip balms and complain constantly of dry lips. i have tryed numerous natural lip balms and yours is the one for me. NO MORE PETROLEUM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eco Tints!

I just received my order of
Ecotints today and I LOVE them!! The color lasts longer than lipstick and I get the benefit of moisturizing chapstick as well! Keep up the great work!


I truly love your product! I purchased 3 lip products from you, and have not quite finished them. I am a female biker in central Texas and the sun a wind certainly can do alot of damage to the skin, the most being my lips. My boyfriend laughs at me because I either wear my ecolips on the neck chain or my belt clip.



I love my Eco Tints. I've been using the plush red. It's my lipstick and Eco Lips all in one, I couldn't ask for anything better. It fits in pocket, and goes everywhere with me. I'm ready to pick up a few more colors for some variety. Thanks for making such a great product.


Style For Free Review

Eco Lips ENERGY combines the soothing and healing benefits of Eco Lips Lip Balm with an added powerful ENERGY infusion of Caffeine, Green Tea and Vitamin B12.

I didn't believe that this lip balm could possibly do what it's supposed to do. I thought “Lip balm with caffeine? There's no way!” But let me tell you, I had to wipe this off about an hour ago because it's near bedtime and it was keeping me wide awake! It's also a nice, moisturizing lip balm with peppermint and spearmint oil for that tingly feeling. Energy Lip Balm is totally organic packed with good ingredients like jojoba oil and beeswax.

According to the company's website the reason for the “boost” is that substances are very readily absorbed through the lips, even in small quantities. I think this is a great product! Now that I know it works I'm going to carry it with me everywhere for a quick pick-me-up. I'm also going to send one to my “adopted” soldier stationed in the Middle East; I think it will be perfect for her.

Click here to go to Style For Free

Style For Free

Style For Free Review

I tried EcoLips, Hemp version, which was lightly vanilla scented. This is a great lip balm because it literally melts into my lips, and I can almost feel it hydrating and nourishing my lips. Plus, this lip balm contains ingredients such as Omega-3, Omega-6, hempseed oil, and amino acids that are all very beneficial for your lips. I use this every morning before applying lipgloss/lipstick and reapply as needed throughout the day. I've noticed that the lines in my lips don't seem quite as deep and my lips aren't dried out as easily in the cold weather. The best part is the very affordable price of just $3.49!! I will definitely be repurchasing

Click here to go to Style For Free

Style For Free

I have two "ex's"...

Dear Eco Lips:

I have two "ex's" in my life - my husband and the brand of lip balm from the company he works for: Blistex.

Because he works there, I've been brand-loyal to them. I don't mean to put them down, but no matter what I used from them it never really healed my obsessively dry, flaky and bloody (from the dryness and peeling) lips. It would work only when I had it on, but it often would feel like it was "sitting" on my lips, never truly sinking in and healing them to supple, healthy, softness.

Yesterday, I had had it. My lips got so bad at work - so dry, flaky, peely and tight that I couldn't find relief from anything I used - Blistex, Burt's Bee's Chapstick - you name it. Out of desperation, I did an internet search for "lip balms for peeling, lips" and Eco Lips came right up.

After I read all of your wonderful customer reviews from your "converts", I was convinced. That night after work, I went right over to my Wild Oats Market and bought 3 kinds - Hemp, Tea Tree and Shea Butter. I bought 3 because I was desperate, my lips burned, bled and were causing me severe pain!

Oh my gosh - what a terrific product. Within the hour I had relief and the flakes that "torment" me and make me bleed were softened and my lips were absolutely healed and so very supple! All I can say is what a phenomenal product! It also "speaks" to my organic/vegetarian side. I feel so wonderful using such a natural, society-concious, effective product.

Eco Lips - you are terrific! I have discarded every lip balm I had in my collection - yours is all I need and will ever use from now on.



...use on my very dry heels

i love your products; have been using them for about a year. i have designated one tube to use on my very dry heels on my feet. it is better than anything i have ever tried on them.

Jan, California

I just wanted to thank you for making cruelty free products! I got the BeeFree lip balm in m stocking this Christmas and was so thankful! My mother was so happy she was able to find such a product for her vegetarian- cruelty free daughter! I also think your recycling balm tubes for a free EcoLips balm is a wonderful incentive to recycle! I'll be collecting all my tubes!:) Thanks again for your compassion toward the environment and the wildlife within it:)


Eco lips is great! I love the pure gold and the hemp lips balms. I ordered the Energy lip balm a while back by was leary because I am allergic to a-lot of lip balms. I think the enegery is every bit as good and the pure gold and hemp balm not to mention that little extra kick. Eco lips make a great product that is better for you and the enviroment.

M.O. Kansas

Eco Lips in Iraq

I am a British Soldier serving in Iraq, and would like to let you know how valuable your lip balm has been to me. I have a sport and a mint, both which I bought from my local surf shop back home and bought out with me. Even in wintertime in Basrah, the sun is strong and low, and your SPF 30 has been great at keeping me protected and stopping me drying out at night when I sleep in a heated tent.

they've both got clips on as well, so I atach them to the side of my body armour to be always at hand.

Traveling light (as we need to) means that improvisation is the order of the day, and I wonder whether you know that Eco Lips also makes an excelent sunblock - it has been protecting my whole face (I thought it would be okay, 'cos it's all organic)!

I'm also glad to see that you're saving so much petoleum, what with Mr Bush's questionable motivation for sending us all out here.... but I digress.

My enthusiastic use has meant i have run out of Eco Lips within my first month of a 6-month tour!

British Soldier

Bee Free Lemon Lime

Yay! What a darn yummy (and super) vegan lip balm!


The application is smooth and silky and my lips have felt better--not nearly as dry and they don't burn when the Eco Lips Gold is applied. My daughter, who has sensitive skin, has been using the berry Eco Lips and she likes it really well. The more well-known brands were starting to bother her lips lately. You have convinced both of us that your product is different and better. Thanks for making and distributing a product that works without using petroleum and the other ingredients that can irritate skin after prolonged use.


My lips were ready...

As a vegan, there are fewer lip balm options; Eco Lips is one of the few brands I've found whose animal-free option I like. With colder weather, I always keep a stick with me and, since my local store source has stopped carrying the Bee Free, my lips were ready for todays mail!


I received my order in less time than I could manage to go to the store myself. I commend you on excellent customer service and an excellent product. I work outdoors in the wilderness 365 days a year, my skin takes a beating, and I know a good product when I see one. I'll be happy to spread the word.


I fell in love with...

I fell in love with your eco lips collection 2 years ago and have not worn anything since!!!! i use ecolips for day and evening and have stopped using lipstick completely as it feels disgusting now after having converted to ecolips!!!!!

Lorena, Toronto

stopped cold sore in its tracks!

Absolutely wonderful stuff! The ecolips medicinal stopped my cold sore in its tracks! I am hooked!

Dawn, Tennessee

Soft and Supple Lips!

I Just wanted to let you know that I put my Eco Lips on last night, and when I woke up today, my lips were particularly soft and supple.



I NEED MORE ECOLIPS so that I can spread the word! I started to get a big cold sore on my mouth the other
day and my entire face broke out - I put Eco Lips
medicinal on my mouth and my zits and they NEVER
arrived.. they totally subsided and went into
remission!!! I LOVE THIS STUFF.
I have never found another product like this and it has definitely made a difference in my life.


Finally a truly perfect lip balm

I worked in the natural foods industry for 15 years and have tried just about every natural lipbalm out there. I was always searching for the one perfect lipbalm and here it is- EcoLips! Thank You!


...makes me happy

Eco Lips makes me happy.

B.G. Colorado

Fantastic Bee Free!

Thank you so much for making a vegan lip balm! I'm pregnant and was really hoping to be able to have a lip balm available for when my lips start to dry out during labour -- thankfully I found your product. It is absolutely wonderful and the lemon/lime flavour will be energizing during my birth experience (at home).
Thanks again for this fantastic product & for your commitment to the Earth.


I LOVE Eco Lips!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE Eco Lips. They not only work great on my lips but I have severe allergies and am always blowing my nose, so the skin on my nose is always dry and cracked. I have tried almost every cream and ointment to stop the cracking and redness and dryness. Nothing seems to work except EcoLips. After an allergy fit, I just apply some balm on my nose and within a little time my skin stops hurting and actually feels moist again. Thank you for making such a wonderful product:)

Nichole, Seal Beach, CA

Healing Power- not just for your lips!

Just wanted to tell you about my experience with your product.

I had a deep cut paralell to and right next to the last crease of my index finger. I could not get it to heal because I was constantly bending my finger. After about two weeks I started putting your Lysine and Tea Tree medicinal lip balm into the cut. It immediately took away the pain and within three days the cut had healed shut.

Thanks so much.

Geoff Lasko

I am 10 years old and your ECOLIPS helps my lips way better than they used to be. When i was younger i would use herpison but that was made of chemicals and your is way better and made out of nature organic ingredients Every year i would have about 3 cold sores a year know that i use you ECOLIPS i never have cold sores. I have the tube that comes with a key chain. I think that is awesome because than it is efficient for me to take it places.

Thank you for reading this if you had time.


I have to let you know that the cold sore balm worked so well, it dried it up in 2 days. I am ordering a bunch more of it today. THANKS!

A.M. Illinois

WOW...A friend has just opened a shop localy and i just had to have one of each of the ecolips on a carabiener different colours to match every outfit!!!

Petroleum get over it!

Hannah UK

This is the best lip balm I've ever used! It has the best feel on the lips, and the mint has a very mild flavor that does not have a "chemical" taste. I would even have my husband (a long-time Carmex user) converted if you offered it in a little screw-top jar.

Jamee, Wisconsin

I am writing to thank you for sending me the bee free plus a few other goodies. You guys are just too cool! Thank you! I had never tried anything but the bee free but, I'm already loving the GOLD! Thanks again!!!!


Can't live without it!

I recently bought some Eco Lips ENERGY for some co-workers and a guy just walked by my desk, leaving for the weekend; he looked at me and turned around and walked back to his cubicle. When he came back by, he held up the Eco-Lips Energy lip balm and said, and I quote: “I don’t think I can make it the whole weekend without it!”
It's aweseome! Thanks for making an energy product/lip balm that works so well!

B.L., Minnesota

I tried to Eco Lips lip balm and love it! No more Burt's Bees for me!!

A.B., Iowa

I am now a convert

Don't panic, it's organic! I love the slogan. I recently tried Eco Lips organic lip balm and am now a convert - no more petroleum-based lip balm for me.

R.H., Iowa

Keep up the good work!

This is the first lip balm tube that has worked so well I used it all before it dried out! Not only do you make a superior product, but your care and responsiblity towards the environment are commendable. Keep up the good work.

L.M., Texas

I knew there had to be a PERFECT Lip Balm out there!!! There had to be!!!
It seemed I was allergic to every single Lip Balm product I could get my hands on. I gave up looking and started using Vaseline, but still my lips were not satisfied! I work for an Organic Tortilla Chip Manufacturing Company, and while sorting out the mail, found an Organic Magazine. Who would have known that between those pages my lips would find their Savior! Thank You Eco-Lips. It's been a bit over 6 months and my Lips are smooth and Glossy!!!

Long Beach, CA

Recycle for Eco Lips

Dear Eco Lips,

I read about Eco Lips in an article extolling the virtues of hemp in an issue of Vegetarian Times while waiting for my chiropractic appointment last week. My oldest daughter, who is 21, is crazy about hemp lip balm, so I was immediately resolved to get her a tube of yours. Then I saw that you recycle old lip balm containers regardless of brand – oh that those huge corporations who mass produce petroleum-based products would think about doing the same. Thank you for setting the example for all of us to follow.

I also wanted to know if there are any stores in the Hartford, CT area who carried your product? Thanks so much.



"the BEST i've ever used."

I got the lemon-lime lip balm in a goodie bag at a fundraiser. I have been a lip balm addict since I was a teen and yours is the BEST i've ever used. The tube I have says "vegan" and I was wondering if all of your products are vegan.



Thank you so much!!! I received my package in the mail yesterday and I was MOST impressed! You made my day! :) (ah, it's the little things in life, isn't it?? :))
What a pleasure to do business with you! How refreshing to know that I can contact a real human being, instead of jumping through a dozen or so automated email replies or telephone options. Not to mention, I LOVE the product. (My -previously- dry lips are thankful.)
I ordered a bunch more of the berry lip balms (to give out to friends and family for valentine's day- (how fitting, they're in a red package...) and I ordered the medicinal lip balm, which I can't wait to try myself.
THANKS AGAIN! Really, I am very very pleased with my order (incase you can't tell! lol.)
Have a great day!


...I threw out my chapstick.

I was very impressed with this product. I just bought it yesterday & was so happy with it I threw out my chapstick. I'm glad it's organic. I'd love to see you come out with a lemonade flavored lip balm. Keep up the great work!

Kindness, Theodora

Hooked on EcoLips

Hello! I love EcoLips! I am an avid skier in British Columbia. Last winter I was warming in the patrol hut at the top of Sun Peaks Resort, when I met Aleisha Cline. She passed me a stick of Berry EcoLips. I loved it. It tastes great and doesn't harden in the cold. It's all gone, and I have to have some more EcoLips!

Jonathan T.

Velomobile and Human Power!

From: Mark Garvey, On his Trike!
Thanks for sending a supply of Ecolips for the 2005 Velomobile and Human Power Vehicle Conference. The attendees LOVED them. They were among the FIRST things snapped up, and one woman was heard to exclaim "Oooooo, Ecolips!" I carry a tube of the spearmint with me all the time!

Mark Garvey
Executive Director
Eastern Iowa Environmental Innovators Organization (EIEIO)

I'm hooked!

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love this product! I snowboard in the winter in Mammoth & Tahoe. This stuff is the best! Even at 27 degrees it glides on easily and keeps my lips from getting chapped. Berry is the best! Just ordered some more - I'm completely hooked!

Melissa (on a snow covered mountain somewhere)

Eco Lips Testimonial

I love how Eco Lips keeps me from licking my lips alot - except for the berry flavor! It smells good and feels good too when I put it on. thanks Eco lips!

Maurice Duncan

Praise for Eco Lips!

I received a tube of your Bee Free lip balm in a goodie bag at a recent PETA conference. I was very impressed! It's smooth, not at all sticky and smells wonderful! It can be difficult to find vegan lip balms but, now that I have tried Eco Lips, I will spread the word. I hope you will consider making other beeswax free products in the future. :)


Thank you Eco Lips

Dear Mr. Shriver:

I was lead to your products one day when I was searching for lip balm that is safe (non-toxic), certified organic and wonderful to use. I have tried the BeeFree and Ecolips Gold. I love these products so much. I want to thank you for having the perseverance to overcome any challenges to bring these products to people like me. As I have educated myself about the products that I use everyday, I have found that I need to really pay attention to ingredients. Someone once made the suggestion that if you do not have a plan for your life someone else does and they do not have your best interests in mind, or anyone elses for that matter. I have found that certified organic is the only way to go right now. I am concerned about my health and the health of the planet. And, I am so happy that your wonderful efforts are saving our natural resources that are now more precious than ever. I love my life and I hope that my actions will always be for the greatest good and highest joy for all sentient beings. So this message is to congratulate you and celebrate you for taking a stand for the best life has to offer!!!!! I love your products and I am sharing them with all of my friends and family. Someone also once said to Live With Passion. Everytime I reach for your product my heart leaps with joy at knowing that my health is safe with Ecolips. I am saying a little prayer for everyone at Ecolips. You are all doing a fabulous job as you improve the quality of life for all of us and the planet. Peace to you and your family!!!! And thank you thank you thank you for taking a stand for cleaner, safer living.

Have a Magical Day,



Eco Lips Testimonial

I must echo what others have said, being very pleased with your product! A friend bought one for me as a gift knowing that I am a lip balm addict! I recently have had some problems with other chapsticks, flavored ones and all. I developed some kind of allegic reaction to an ingredient and it became very painful. But ever since using only your brand, I have had no problems! It was just what I was needing, the organic ingredients!
Thank you!

Mindy in PA

"The Best Vegan Lip Balm"

Just wanted to say thanks for making the best vegan lip balm I've ever been able to find. I love the lemon lime flavor...now if you made one in a peppermint flavor, too...I would swoon!


I was very pleasantly surprised. I LOVE IT!



.....I've now tried the Gold, Hemp, and SPF 15 Mint balms and they are FABULOUS - the best I have ever used even before I started looking for natural alternatives. I will definitely spread the word among friends and family about EcoLips. Thank you.

Jennifer K.

About the Medicinal Eco Lips

Thank you for making such an awesome product, I have three flavors Hemp, Medicinal and Gold. My lips get very chapped/cracked which leads to soars. I have mostly enjoyed the medicinal cooling effect. My lips have been smooth and comfortable after a week of use. Thanks again,


Moisturizing Vegan Eco Lips BEE FREE "fits the bill"!

I've been enjoying my vegan lip balms ever since I received them. I am pleased to know that you offer vegan products, since I am vegan. Sometimes it's difficult to find a good moisturizing lip balm that is also vegan -- yours fits the bill!


Itch Relief from bug bites

My mom has a friend who has started using the medicated lip balm as itch relief for bug bites- and swears that it works...Just thought you might want to know about this for future marketing opportunities.

A.S. Iowa City, Iowa

Subject: Love the Lip Balm....I want to tell everyone how great it is!!!!

Do you make a bumper sticker with the logo "Don't Panic It's Organic"? I am not a bumper sticka kinda gal. However, I want to do whatever I can do to help your company reach it's goals by spreading the word. I like people who go the extra mile to make products that are "actually" safe for people to use.

Charlene T

"The best lip balm I have ever used"

Just note to say thanks very much for the samples you had sent to me, I received them a few days ago and am very impressed. I am using the cherry flavour with sun protection right now and can honestly say its the best lip balm I have ever used. For sure you will have a long term customer here as soon as I find the stores that carry it and I will also spread the word on the quality of ecolips.

Thanks again.

Nick in Canada

I'm very picky about lip balm

I am very picky about lip balm because my lips get really dry, and sometimes I think other lip balms (especially those with petroleum, I have noticed) put this layer on your lips that I don't think addresses the problem. At least, it doesn't in my case. I was really happy that Eco Lips seemed to make my lips a little softer.

Jenny Smith Burbank, CA

Eco Lips Gold -- many thanks

Thank you so much for this wonderful lip balm. I have recently suffered from shingles and herpes/cold sores and everything I have put on my lips hurts them -- until I found Eco Lips Gold in a wonderful store in Newport, RI. It is by far the gentlest and most soothing balm, especially when I have outbreaks. Just ordered more Gold and one Medicinal tube from your online store.

Could you please tell me where I can buy Eco Lips on the east coast (other then RI)?

In any case, thanks so much! I hope you send the stuff to Europe as my husband is European and he loves the stuff.

(Name withheld)

I love EcoLips!

"I do not remember the man's name (the co founder, I think). But I met him on the plane on the way to France for this past Christmas and he gave me an Ecolips. Ever since I have been purchasing them from whole foods. I love them, I think it is the absolute best 'chapstick' and just wanted to thank him. I wish him the best and hope EcoLips becomes more and more successful."


Swell Women and Eco Lips


Thanks so much for the product. Unfortunately, it was too late for my January retreats but I will add them to the bags for April and May/June. Your product matches perfectly with the SwellWomen concept of taking care of yourself and extending that out to the environment.

Thanks again!

Many Blissings,
Me-Shell Barnas
http://www.swellwomen.com CHECK OUT OUR 2005 DATES!!!

"Blind Justice" actors Love Eco Lips!

Everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED the balms.
you would never imagine how tickled they were to get them.
the lead actors...Ron, Merisol, Frank, & Reno all agreed that is was the best lip balm they had used. not sticky, waxy or smelly. nice scents, smooth, and long lasting. as i thought they would, they all flipped it around to read the ingredients. their extremely health conscience and we all know, what you apply on your lips is going into your system soon enough.
i also passed some to the directors, producers, and some crew. again, same response. they all wanted me to thank you.
click here to learn more about Blind Justice

Michelle Elam-Make Up Artist

Holy lip balm!!!

I am in love with your lip balm. As you already know, I am a lip balm fanatic. Your organic lip balm is is the perfect blend of smooth and silky without being sticky and thick. If that makes any sense. It is exactly what I was looking for.

I have a baggie filled with all the ones that I will never use because they are either sticky and cakey or they are to thick to go on. I can now throw them away!

Kudos to you for a great product.

My family has hooked them on to all our jackets so we are never to far from chapped lip relief. My friends are now "hooked" too!

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! Thank you so much. I hope to see EcoLips in the stores near me soon. I know you won't have a problem selling it once everyone has had a chance to try it. (good bye Burt's Bees)

Have a great day, and THANK YOU again.


Tracy-Rhode Island

Word from Hawaii

I LOVE my EcoLips Chapsticks!!! I have one in my car, two in my purse, and a few scattered throughout my house and work. Since I live in Maui, HI. my lips are exposted to the harmful rays of the sun everyday and I feel secure knowing that EcoLips is there for my lips. My favorite is the Berry, but I'll use any of them any day. Thank you for your fabulous product. Aloha & Mahalo

Zorah, Maui, Hawaii

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

"I received Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm as a gift when I went to OP's Girls Learn to Ride (girlslearntoride.com). I wasn't expecting much, but when I first put it on it was *so* smoooooth! It feels better than anything else I've used! I like reapplying it even though I don't need to just so I can feel how smoothly it goes on *giggle*. My Eco Lips has a very fresh minty smell and taste, but it also comes in berry, mint, and unflavored. SPF 15"

From an Amazon.com customer

Customer's Choice

"I am the delivery girl from Pioneer. I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your product. The web sight is great too... I will definitely be spreading the word about it."


Dear Eco Lips,
"...what I loved best is that it makes my lips soft without a greasy or oily feel. I'm able to wear lipcolor along with this product. My lips dry out easily but with Ecolips they stay moist. I love it!


My 2 cents

"When it comes to Eco Lips, I am happy knowing it's all natural ingredients, and it does not feel heavy and sticky like commercial brands."

Jo Anne M

"Thanks to Eco Lips. It really works for me and I like it. I think it is the best lip protection product I ever used."

Ying Liu

It's Better!

"Ecolips lip balm is better than Chapstick. I use it everyday all day since I am not a lipstick wearer and it doesn't have that heavy waxy build up on my lips....my youngest daughter likes to eat the berry flavored one which doesn't worry me because it is not harmful to her because it is all organic. Ecolips is GREAT because it keeps my lips nice, smooth and kissable all day!


At the beach

My whole family uses Ecolips lip balm before going to the beach. It does a great job protecting our lips from the sun!

Laguna Beach

Boarding For Breast Cancer

"....the Ecolips were a complete hit at our winter events. I'm bringing what's left over down to SG's Queen of Surf...many thanks for the support and we LOVE your product."

Justine, Executive Director B4BC

Feedback from the field

Also wanted you to know that I passed out a bunch of Eco Lips at Worlds and to my teammates here and the feedback is nothing short of spectacular. Great compliments all the way around and I've got some people on the lookout for you guys... keep it up!

Putting Eco Lips to the test

Haven Barnes, Triathele

My wife and I are here at work on Saturday! I let her try your Eco Lips, since her lips are quite tender and she does not use lipstick too much. So when she tried Eco Lips, she was very pleased with the results and I thought that I would let you know. Of course, you hear this all the time, but from us, you can BELIEVE IT!!!

Torrance, CA

Thanks for making the absolute, hands-down, best lip protection I have ever used. My "education" has included various flavors of Chapstick, Vaseline Lip Therapy, Blistex, Bath & Body Works, and miscellaneous others.

Never until this year have I made it through a New England winter without peeling, cracking lips and/or constant overapplication of the stuff. I
love the effect, the taste (natural), and of course the philosophy of Eco

Is there any way to get my hands on a case of this stuff?

Thank you,
Katharine W.
Boston, MA

Hi there,

I wanted to say thanks(!!!) for making a lip balm that I can use without burning my lips off! I have really sensitive skin and I am so happy to have something I can use all the time.

Keep up the good work!

Jana C.
Santa Barbara, CA

I got my order today and I am so pleased!!! It truly is the best lip
balm I've ever tried...thanks again!


I have recently just tried Eco Lips and absolutely love this product! My lips are always moist and it doesn't leave a residue. After using Eco Lips for just one week, I cannot stand to go without it. The greatest thing about Eco Lips is that it's made with organic ingredients. What a great way to help the environment! I congratulate Eco Lips for making such a great product!

Heather H.
Moorhead, MN

I can use Eco Lips over my lipstick while my husband, Dave, likes it because it isn’t too greasy for him. Frankly, we love it! Got any more to give away?!

Rose Ellen Gardner
Catalina Island Conservancy

To prove that Eco Lips is the best lip protection product available - for your lips and your planet - we asked Virginia Hebert, Oahu's North Shore resident surfer and owner of the Pickle Surf Wax Remover, to put Eco Lips to the test.

After a month of testing, here is Virginia's report word for word:

"Eco lips rules in the surf. As far as lip protection is concerned Eco lips out performs other lip protectors in the waves due to its natural properties and its staying power. I have surfed any where from half an hour to six hours, in small 2 foot waves to 8-10 foot Sunset surf and Eco lips has stayed on and tastes great. Yeah!!! No more sun burned lips in the surf. Thanks Eco lips for taking care of the environment and making a product that lasts and withstands the roughest conditions".

Virginia Hebert
Oahu's North Shore
resident surfer and
Owner of the Pickle Wax Remover

I love how smooth Eco Lips glides on and how it does not leave my lips drier than before I applied it like so many other lip balms do. It has an SPF coating that protects my lips! This is important because my job requires me to be in the sun and elements every day. There is nothing worse than dry, chapped lips. Thanks Eco-Lips!!!

April Lawyer
Professional Mountain Bike racer
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