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You name the discipline, Eco Lips is the choice. Team Eco Lips Valarie Jenkins (USA)
Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins Valarie Jenkins


Valarie Jenkins




Bend, Oregon

Web Site

Career Goals

To continue to compete at the highest level and rack up a few more World Championship titles.


3x World Champion
2x US Champion
5x Player of the Year

Favorite Movie

Billy Madison

Favorite Food

French Toast

Favorite Place


Favorite Quote / Motto To Live By

Live Everyday like its your Last.

Who Inspires You and Why

I’m inspired by all those who volunteer to help the growth of Disc Golf.

3 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I’m obsessed with the Food Network, I crosstrain with Yoga, and I’m a homebrewer.

Community / Non-profit Organizations I Support

My female-focused Disc Golf Facebook group/website;


Innova Champion Discs
KEEN Footwear
GRIP Equipment
Huk Lab

Favorite Eco Lips

Strawberry SPF

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They're the best, therefore they use the best gear.  Eco Lips.