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You name the discipline, Eco Lips is the choice. Team Eco Lips Kristopher Carlson (USA)
Kristopher Carlson Kristopher Carlson Kristopher Carlson Kristopher Carlson

2007 Objectives / Goals:

- Approach each tournament with emphasis on shooting my best with a never quit attitude
- Qualify for the 2008 US National Team
- Place in the top 16 at the 1st round of the Olympic Team Trials in September (qualifying for the 2nd round)
- Serve my sponsors through product promotion and development, using my design background, and relationships with other archers

Personal Information:

Recurve Product Designer: Hoyt 2006- Present
B.S. Industrial Design @ Wentworth Institute of Technology- Boston, MA (2000-2004)


Hoyt Helix and G3 46# limbs (50# @ 29.3125”), BCY 452-X String Easton X-10 450 arrows, Beiter OX2 nocks, Spin-Wings Sure-Loc Quest-X sight, Titan Recurve Scope, Asahi/ARE magnetic rest, Beiter plunger and clicker, Doinker Carbon Series stabilization

2007 Schedule: (Only major events are listed)

US Natl. Indoor Championships: 20th
Arizona Cup: 32nd (FITA), 22nd (OR)
US Outdoor World Target & Pan Am Trials: 28th
Texas Shootout: 17th (FITA), 29th (OR)
Gold Cup: 20th (FITA), 8th (OR)
US Natl. FITA Field Championships: 2nd
US Natl. Outdoor Championships: 15th
US Open: 16th

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