Team Eco Lips

You name the discipline, Eco Lips is the choice. Team Eco Lips Team Eco Lips extreme sports professionals

Eco Lips actively sponsors all season athletes and events to heighten awareness of the Eco Lips alternative.  This escalates visibility of the Eco Lips brand, supports athletes in pursuing their goals, and works to promote the concept of environmental maturity.

The Eco Lips Team is a group of extreme sport professionals who hit the elements for a living.  Because they are the best in their fields, they use only the highest quality gear, equipment and products.  Among all disciplines - Eco Lips is the lip balm of choice.

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Deidre Freeman
Deidre Freeman (USA)

Pro Diver

Jeff Lowe
Jeff Lowe (USA)

Pro Surfer, Pro Wake Boarder

Chris Meyers
Chris Meyers (USA)

Pro Mountain Biker

Kristopher Carlson
Kristopher Carlson (USA)
Haven Barnes
Haven Barnes (USA)

Professional Tri Athlete

Nate Smith
Nate Smith (USA)

Elite Triathlete

Kristen Smart
Kristen Smart (CA)

Amateur Downhill and 4x

Valarie Jenkins
Valarie Jenkins (USA)

Professional Disc Golfer

They're the best, therefore they use the best gear.  Eco Lips.