Solar Update


Solar Update

The original solar energy initiative was set out to provide us with 100% solar energy to our facility in Cedar Rapids. The program was so well received that the State of Iowa and our local energy company supported it through multiple grants and they made it into a community wide project which ended up being the largest solar array in Iowa at the time. However, what this means for us, is that none of our electricity is offset directly by the solar panels. Instead, the solar energy is dropped into the grid and offsets traditional energy sources in general.
There is no doubt that the initiative had a larger, more environmentally positive impact than what we were originally shooting for.

Now, we are working with engineers on our original goal of being 100% solar powered. We do not know how long this will take but we are very committed to this project. Our sites are fixed for the end of 2008, or early in 2009 for the project to be finished.

Outside our office windows, there are solar panels connected to a kiosk on the sidewalk, that measures and displays the input of energy from the sun.

We will try to keep our website updated as this project progresses. Thank you for all of your past and present support of our solar power initiatives.