Interview in NewsTarget


Eco Lips offers protection from the elements without petroleum and without harming the environment

Elizabeth: Hello everyone, this is Elizabeth reporting for the NewsTarget Network, and I'm speaking with Steve Shriver, president and founder of Eco Lips. You know, a lot of different things really attracted me to your product and your company, and I think one of the most important things behind your product is actually your company's manufacturing practices. I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit more about your solar panel systems and your ingredients.
Steve: Sure. We started with a great foundation -- which is a great product with certified organic ingredients and recycled packaging -- whenever possible. We wanted to start with a really solid green product, if you will. But, with all the people involved in Eco Lips, that wasn't good enough -- so we wanted to continually look at all facets of the company to see what more we could do to decrease our detriment to the environment. One of the things we initiated last year was a solar-powered project, which became Iowa's largest solar-powered project. We partnered with five organizations, including government organizations, and received grants -- and now, our plant isn't fully powered by solar power, but we have solar power fueling it. We have a couple of other things in the works, but hopefully someday it will be completely off the grid.

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