What is Active-Organic?


Active-Organic Lifestyle

Active/Organic Lifestyle

Ac-tive adj
Being in physical motion.

Organic adj
Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals

Lifestyle noun
A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group

I often wonder what more I can do to be healthier and make less of an impact on our environment.
Integrating more organic products and fitness into my life have become the key element of my strategy, which is recently being coined as the “active-organic” lifestyle. Although it may be a little different from person to person, it seems to be the perfect blend of health for ourselves and sustainability for our planet.

I wouldn’t really call this “new-age” although it’s definitely a new option that integrates very ancient philosophy into our lives. The evolution of industrialization and commercialism is making its way full circle to the very basic principals of living. I find it essential to start with an understanding and respect for our planet and its limited natural resources. One easy way that I like to show my passion for a healthy environment is by taking time to recycle, and reducing waste when I can.

I have also found it very rewarding to buy environmentally responsible products from socially responsible companies. In almost every industry today it is possible to find an environmentally friendly alternative. The world is full of many “green” innovations which are beginning to lead us into a brighter low-impact future. Hybrid cars are being launched by many major car companies at very reasonable prices, and with the increased mileage, it becomes an easily justifiable purchase as gas prices are raising. In all categories of the grocery store, there is now an organic option available in the 25 billion dollar Organic Food Industry. Companies like Patagonia are leading the way with Organic Cotton clothing and other recycled fabrics. I feel that with every purchase I make, I can vote (with my money) for a better future. I truly believe the shift into environmental sustainability is happening right before my eyes.

The “Active” element is obviously vital for good health. Hopefully, the increasing obesity rates will peak soon, and we will see these modern day victims of sedentary commercialism rebound. I thought it was great to see a movie like “Supersize Me”, which cost 65,000 dollars to produce, make its way to theatres around the world. In a humorous fashion Morgan Spurlock was able to show, in less than two hours, what is wrong with many of our diets and how it is affecting our society. We are moving less and eating more (processed, un-nutritious “food”) which combined is very bad medicine. The good news is Health and Wellness is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Fitness clubs are popping up all over including our work places, while mass market stores have integrated “natural” sections into their planograms. I believe the shift to a healthier society is happening right before our eyes.

Here are some ways that have contributed to me increasing my Active output: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the store instead of driving, and staying off the couch leaving the TV turned off. To me, this means going for a run when you get up in the morning, and riding your bike to work. There’s no magic here, it just a matter of moving around a little (or a lot) more. Marathon runners are not super human! I did my first marathon to test my human potential. Once I did it, I decided to almost double the distance, and with a lot of hard work I ran 52 miles! We, as humans, are meant to be physically (and mentally) challenged. It was only in the last one hundred years that life began to get so “easy” and convenient. We are such a smart species that we’re going to convenience ourselves right into extinction! Ok, that might be an exaggeration (but maybe not), you get my point.

Quick pointers to Active Organic Lifestyle:
Respect the earth and its limited resources.
Eat pure and whole organic foods.
Support “green” companies (and do your homework to make sure they are really green)
Get active, and move around whenever you have the chance.

I have found that viewing my health and the world on a more holistic level is the key to longevity of life and our world. It cannot be achieved by a pill, a diet, or any quick fix! It can only be achieved through a lifestyle change. Like Ghandi said, “ we must become the change we want to see.” All right, I’m off for a run!