Top 5 Brain Foods


Top 5 Brain Foods

I came across this article as I was searching for things to do with raw cacao nibs...pretty interesting. I love making matcha soy lattes so of course it was nice to see matcha on the list too!

The BrainReady Top 5 Brain Health Foods

Many of you have asked us for a simple list of the very best, proven natural foods & drinks for optimum brain (and body) health.

Ah, everyone loves lists these days, it seems. So while there are numerous natural foods, drinks, herbs and supplemental products that possess brain & body-enhancing properties, we've done the research for you and created a list of five all-natural, widely-available foods that we believe represent the BrainReady Top 5 Brain Health Foods in the world.

How did we pick? Our list is based a variety of factors, ranging from overall proven health benefits (through multiple peer-reviewed, valid scientific studies from around the world over many years), our own experience here at BrainReady using these foods regularly, general reports from consumers of these foods over the years, proven safety and lack of contraindications from these foods, and general availability/ease of incorporation of these foods by the most people in most countries.

It's important to keep in mind that just because we didn't include a food like Turmeric or Sage or Walnuts in our Top 5, this doesn't mean that those foods aren't incredibly brain and health-friendly too; it's just that the foods in our Top 5 have been demonstrated to possess more 'yes' counts across our range of criteria, particularly brain health benefits.

So without further adieu, here are the BrainReady Top 5 Brain Health Foods worth considering adding to your diet if you haven't already (of course, make sure you don't have any contraindications with any of these foods by consulting your health care provider first if you're not sure). These are not listed in order of priority, as all are beneficial in different ways and via different mechanisms:

1)Wild Salmon
2)Cacao Beans
3)Matcha Green Tea
4)Acai Berries
5)Coffee Beans

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