Time to Work Out!


Squeeze in a little fitness between daily chores

I am training for a series of triathlons this summer, so I like to devote at least one hour in the morning and a half hour to an hour in the afternoon to either a swim, bike, or run. Of course, that's not possible every day as a father of 3 and president of a rapidly growing company. This morning I had only about 25 minutes before I had to start getting my family ready for the day, and I debated whether that was enough time to get a work out in. The answer I came up with, after much self debate, was "Yes", any little activity is better than none. So I jumped on my bike and rode hard for almost a half hour.

My point is most of us have little gaps in our day-even 5 or 10 minutes-where you can do whatever it is you desire. A short walk, a quick jog, a few curls, or climbing a couple flights of stairs which can be a great energy booster and over the course of time will have a great positive effect to your overall health. Next time I have 10 or 20 minutes to spare-instead of spending time debating over whether it's enough time-I'm going maximize that time and get moving!