The Green Living Handbook


The Green Living Handbook

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Can the pesticide residues in my food harm me?

Can household chemicals hurt my pets?

Why should I buy organic?

Should I get a hybrid car?

What can I do for the environment in my daily life?

Experts suggest that by 2005, nearly 40% of Americans will buy organic products and make environmentally beneficial choices in every aspect of their daily living. Yet, large majorities of people who identify themselves as environmentally conscious today have a limited understanding of how to actually make informed green choices.

Now, from the editors of E - The Environmental Magazine comes GREEN LIVING, the first truly comprehensive, user-friendly guide to living lightly on the earth.

Featuring the latest information on earth-friendly living, GREEN LIVING is chock-full of information about where to find everything from planet-friendly cosmetics to home-based renewable energy. Some of the invaluable information provided in this one-of-a kind guide includes:

* How to maintain a healthy home
* Going organic and avoiding genetically modified food
* Finding a planet friendly car
* Making responsible investments that help the environment
* Using personal-care products free of unhealthy chemicals

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