The Flood


The Flood

I was on vacation with my family and had gotten a call from several employees about the flood. I've seen floods before, and seen water in the streets, as we all have. My family and I had rented a remote cabin in Colorado without cellular phones, television or computers, so we were not able to see any media surrounding the flood. Everyone continued to reiterate how bad it was. I cut my vacation short to come home, help sandbag and relocate Eco Lips if needed. As we drove through, I mean “around”, town on the way home it was clear that this is not your normal flood.

As we arrived home, Eco Lips production manager Billy Valencia was taking care of a flood victim at my house. Billy had helped Art Pennington find dry ground as Art’s house filled completely with water. Art Pennington is a baseball legend so it was quite an honor to loan him some clothes and serve him hot tea. To learn more about Mr. Pennington visit

Art left all of his belongings at his house, including his medication, so Billy jumped back in his kayak and headed for Art’s house. Although he was quite shaken up after navigating his way through chest high water in Art’s house, Billy was able to get a few of his belongings including Art’s medicine.
Billy also had the foresight two days before the flood to initiate and manage the move to dry ground of our valuable raw materials and equipment. From what I have heard, everyone thought he was crazy because “the water would never make it this high”. Although our offices are located in the flood zone, it doesn’t look like the water has made it up to the second floor where we reside. I want to thank all of the Eco Lips employees for having the foresight to save this great company. Even though many of the employees have families of their own, and houses which were affected, they still worked diligently to preserve our business. The day it all went down, at 1 in the morning, Billy rode a kayak out of our building. Thank you Billy.

Once the river is tame again, and the power is turned back on, we will rapidly get everything back on track. We have an alternative (clean and dry) manufacturing site being worked on as I write this, and our back-up manufacturer has already begun to help with production. We are working on retrieving data and servicing our customers the best we can. Thank you again for your understanding during our time of hardship. Please continue to spread the word of our great brand of Eco Lips so we can continue on with our environmental mission.


Click here to visit Billy Valencia making his way back from Art Pennington's house.
Billy Valencia making his way back from Art Pennington's house.