Setting Goals!


My personal goal setting strategy

Do you set goals? Do you achieve your goals? Goal setting is an amazing way to get more out of life, or better yet, give more to life. Setting goals gives you, consciously and subconsciously, a little boost of life everyday as you become closer to realizing your potential. From setting the goal of running a marathon, to a goal of saving money, if you dont dream about it and map out your plan, chances are it wont get done.

First and foremost you must think positively and possess positive energy. When you wake up ask yourself what good things are going to happen to me today?
By taking on this attitude, you are inviting positive things to happen to you.
By holding this positive attitude, you can more easily show people your strength. Strength is not shown with anger it is shown with control.
With a more positive outlook, it is much easier to have a higher self esteem which is necessary in achieving your goals. You cant get very far unless you believe in yourself!

Here is my quick and easy way to achieve big goals:
1. Set your goal: Set as many goals as possible. Dont only set goals that you know are achievable. By simply setting more goals, you have a better chance of achievement just based on averages. Spread your goals out throughout your life, family, job, religion, and recreation. Make an ongoing list of your goals. By having this list, you can incorporate these goals into your decision making every day.
2. Just Do it! There is no magic here. Move around or over any road blocks that get in your way. Think about your goals daily and either make steps to reach your goal or set a date on your calendar for that marathon, or day 1 of your business. Every day you can come closer to achieving your dreams.

Warning: You will not achieve every goal. I set many goals just because of this fact. By being focused on your goals and keeping them in front of you, you will no doubt realize one or more of them.

You will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish in all aspects of your life!

Best of luck!