SAVE WILD IOWA: Activist Alert


SAVE WILD IOWA: Activist Alert

Wild Iowa is our local climbing area and it is being threatened to close by the DNR. If you live in the midwest, please consider doing the following:

1. DNR Action Expected as Soon as March 1, 2006!

The future of Iowa rock climbing at risk! Our
community needs to **act immediately** to prevent the
closure of Pictured Rocks and Indian Bluffs.

The Eastern Iowa Climbers' Coalition (EICC) has been
notified by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
(DNR) is conducting a "compatible use" assessment of
rock climbing at Pictured Rocks and Indian Bluffs "for
the purpose of helping us evaluate the pros and cons
of this activity. This evaluation will begin
immediately with the goal of having it completed
within the next three to five weeks."

In 2003, the DNR first raised the issue of "compatible
use." At that time, the EICC was told that sport
climbing would most likely not be a compatible use
with habitat preservation and hunting. Since 2003,
the DNR has done nothing on this issue, and we have no
reason to believe that they've changed their mind.

In the past, the DNR has threatened to chop bolts at
Pictured Rocks and Indian Bluffs. We believe an
adverse decision will lead to the closure and
destruction of this wonderful and unique outdoor

2. Your Action Today Can Protect Iowa Climbing!

The climbing community needs you to educate the DNR
regarding the many "pros" of climbing. Please write a
brief letter or email to Dale Garner, Bureau Chief of
the Wildlife Bureau:

Consider including the following points in your letter
or email:

A)Introduce yourself, including your experiences
climbing in Iowa, the United States and around the
--Explain that the rock climbing at Pictured Rocks and
Indian Bluffs is a wonderful and unique outdoor

B)Explain the many "pros" of rock climbing
--Rock climbing is a valued and historic use of Iowa's
public lands.
--Rock climbing does not conflict with other
recreational uses or animal habitat.
--Describe any positive interactions you've had with
other outdoor users at these areas, particularly
hunters and fishermen.
--Rock climbing and other self-powered outdoor
recreation attracts younger people to the state of
--Rock climbing develops leadership skills.
--Rock climbing is an important part of outdoor
education in many of Iowa's schools and universities.
--Rock climbing is an important source of revenue for
small Iowa businesses that sell climbing and camping
equipment or that provide guiding services.

C) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Conclude that rock climbing at
Pictured Rocks and Indian Bluffs should be a
"compatible use."
--Iowa rock climbers are entitled to full and equal
enjoyment of the recreational opportunities,
privileges and advantages available in Iowa's great
--The DNR should support safe and responsible rock

Send your letters or emails to:

Dale Garner
Wildlife Bureau
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wallace Building
502 East 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0034
Fax: (515) 281-6794

3. How Can You Stay Connected To The Climbing

The EICC will be sending out periodic emails to keep
the community informed. If you would like to be added
to our mailing list, email

Also check our webpage for additional information:

4. How Can You Help Get the Word Out?

We need leaders, especially in the Ames/Des Moines and
Cedar Falls, to spread the message to Iowa's broad and
diverse climbing communities.

Special thanks to the following leaders who have
already stepped up:

-Parker Parsons (, our liason
with the Sierra Club executive board.

-Matt Nolte (, who is
taking the lead at Cornell College

Additionally, please forward this email to all
interested parties.

Thank you for your support!

Kevin Sharkness
EICC President

Evan Fales
EICC Vice President
Access Fund Regional Coordinator

Dan Bray
EICC Secretary