My 6 Keys to Success


My 6 Keys to Success

We will soon be featured in Entrepreneur and Small Business Success Magazine. The interview process really got me thinking about how we're doing what we're doing at Eco Lips. After I asked myself "why are we succeeding?", I came up with these six points:

Be creative when solving problems, when addressing issues.
This is like thinking outside the box, but actually there is no box. The box is the imaginary limitations you create—barriers that only exist because you believe they do.

Commit to the idea. Commit to the future. If you’re not passionate about the idea, nobody else will be passionate for you.

Success is a series of failures. These failures are risks. I classify risk in two arenas: psychological, and physical. Psychological risk is the easiest to overcome, because the outcome is not life threatening. I enjoy “risk” sports such as rock climbing, so I can keep a clear focus of what true risk is. Nobody dies from a failed business risk they took.

Get along with others…network. The more people you get along with, the more opportunities that will arise, and the more potential you have for achieving your goals or being successful. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Do what you need to do, to become what you need to become. The more flexible you are in life/school/relationships/ the more opportunities that will arise. ------like surfing--- ever tried it? If you tried to plan exactly what moves you would make on a wave before you’re standing on it, and you did those exact moves once you got up, I guarantee you that you will fall. You can’t predict what a wave (or a business) is going to do. You need to adapt to the wave, make the right moves when the time is right.

Stick with it! It’s that easy. Don’t give up.