Live Longer! Think Positive!


Think positive about positive thinking...

Did you know Optimists live longer? I guess it makes sense, yet I have never really thought about it until recently. Thinking positive can create opportunities in life which may not exist, or you may not see, otherwise. I have had friends start businesses with great intentions in mind, but have a devils advocate personality, where they are continually assuming the worst, which becomes the driving force behind the business. Unfortunately, more often than not, I have seen these businesses fail. I have also had friends, and personally experienced, creating massive goals and achieving them without many hurdles, and almost with ease. This can be in business, personal, or health, and is really a neat thing to be a part of. How do you look at people, opportunities, goals, etc? Robert Kiosaki talks about listening to the winner and the loser in you. If you seem to listen to the winner more, you get more accomplished with a more favorable outcome. Listen to the loser and, well, you can figure that one out. Let the winner in you take over, look at everything in a positive light, and see what becomes possible.