Is Organic Milk a Hoax?


Is Organic Milk a Hoax?

I found this on Huffington Post this morning, and thought it was worthy of sharing.
Friends came over for dinner recently, and the wife was asking us to explain to her husband why it's important to spend the extra money on organic milk for their children, who drink a lot of it. I tried to explain, but he's skeptical and thinks the whole thing is a hoax. Can you point me toward any legitimate studies to educate him?


First off, Miss Eco Etiquette applauds your decision to leave the bulk of your organic milk manifesto for after the dinner party. To paraphrase Michael Pollan, what we choose to eat is a political act, and we all know that politics don't usually make for polite dinner conversation. Your spirited debate could have gone from moo to boo faster than you can say Stonyfield Farm.

As a new parent, I admit I had a knee-jerk reaction to your question: Even if your friend is not convinced that organic milk (which is produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides) is healthier, why wouldn't he take the position of better safe than sorry? Is it worth risking a child's health to shave a buck or two off the weekly grocery bill?

But then I caught a glimpse of this week's headlines: 11.5 million jobs now missing from our labor market. The national unemployment rate holding steady at an abysmal 9.6 percent. We're all looking for ways to scrimp and save, especially when it comes to feeding voracious children who are eating us out of house and home.

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