Help with Disaster Relief!


Help with Disaster Relief!

Here is an organization that has organized relief for the victims of the recent Tsunami in Aisa:

Devastating TsunamiLargest Quake in 40 Years Strikes Southern Asia

Over 40,000 dead: millions affected

AmeriCares is mobilizing relief efforts to Asia in the wake of the earthquake and tsunamis that have killed more than 40,000 people. AmeriCares initial response includes a major airlift to Sri Lanka and additional relief shipments to other affected countries such as Indonesia, India, and Thailand, where more than a million people have been displaced from their homes.

Donations are urgently needed to provide the means to deliver medicines to combat malaria, cholera, respiratory infections, diarrhea and other water-borne illnesses to the people most at risk in this crisis.

A massive 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesias Sumatra Island in the Indian Ocean early on December 26th. In its aftermath, staggering tidal waves of up to 30 feet high obliterated seaside resorts and villages in the surrounding countries, causing death and destruction in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives, Burma and Bangladesh.

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