Localize with

I was just made aware of a very unique website called Their slogan is "Connecting the World To Change The World." It is a very comprehensive website with huge potential.

This is from their website:

GenGreen is the first social networking website of its kind to connect the environmentally conscious community on a local level. Never before has there been such a comprehensive tool for businesses, organizations and people to come together in a common place to communicate, support each other and join forces to work toward a more sustainable world, beginning from their own backyard. We encourage our members to start their search for sustainable products, organizations and people within their local community. If the resources are not readily available in their own city, members have the ability to search neighboring cities and their entire state to find what they need to make it easier to live their sustainable lives. The goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, support the local economy, and build relationships within the community to create an impenetrable force that works toward environmental change.

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