E-Myth can help your business


E-Myth by Michael Gerber a must read!

If you're interested in streamlining your business in a way that improves your job as well as your employees, read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber and consider implementing some of his principals. Michael has identified the key elements that make most small business fail, and few succeed.
Simply put, the E-Myth suggests creating systems for EVERYTHING that the business does. The employees then run the systems, which takes the guessing out of what the employees responsibilities are.
I met Michael Gerber at a round table discussion and the guy is truly a genius. He has created a system which can identify and solve problems or inefficiencies within businesses.
In my previous business, and currently in Eco Lips, I have experienced amazing results after putting this into action. I would highly recommend reading the E-Myth and consider taking a course from E-Myth Worldwide (over the phone). They offer a free e-newsletter from their site which is also very imformative.
Click here to visit e-myth.com