Business Pain Threshold


Business Pain Threshold

What is your business pain threshold? By business “pain” threshold, I’m talking about the point at which you can push the stress or growth of your business or job, without bonking or crashing. Much like an athletic endeavor, you can only endure a certain level of stress before your body and mind are fully extended, at which time you lessen the goal, or worse case scenario, you quit.

On a recent run, I was pushing myself extremely hard through a sequence of hills. It was painful (in a good way), and I felt since it was a harder workout than usual, it would add substantially to my fitness base. Next, I wondered if this workout would help my business. It sounds like a crazy concept but I began to explore the possibility of a correlation between athletic pain threshold and business pain threshold. Put simply, if you build your physical endurance through sports, will this enhance your ability to build your business and more easily deal with business/job pressures?

On the surface, if I get a great workout in before work, everything seems easier though out the day. Big decisions sometimes become effortless and are made with more confidence. Since you’ve already done a mountainous task for the day, everything else is smaller in comparison. I’m not saying that the actual decision isn’t as important; the actual importance of the task or decision in relation to the business hasn’t changed. But, the ease at which you can make the decision and the amount of stress it puts on you is abbreviated by your increased tolerance for such tasks.

Building a strong athletic base is important no matter what your activity of choice is. In addition, building a strong professional base for your job or business is important as you develop and nurture your career. But, I believe by only focusing on the professional side of life, various critical elements of success won’t surface or be discovered. Physical exertion is known to increase oxygen and blood flow, reduce blood pressure and reduce stress, in addition to many other positive physical and psychological effects. It’s no wonder then, by integrating more physical activity throughout the day, and continually pushing your workouts to a higher degree of exertion, this will prove to positively affect all aspects of your life, including your threshold for business “pain”.

So, to sum it up, in fitness and in business, no pain, no gain!