7 Lip Commandments


This popped up in my news feed from the Times of India...good stuff! (link at the bottom of post)

Author: Bushra S Khan, TNN
We list seven essential lip commandments

1. Thou shall not lick: It's a common instinct to lick your lips when they are dry. However, this dries them further and causes cracking. Stop yourself from licking your lips. If licking your lips is an OCD, stay away from flavoured lip balms.

2. Thou shall carry a lip balm in your beauty arsenal: Since you tend to use your lips all through the day what with talking, eating, etc., applying lip balm frequently should become a habit. Always keep a lip balm on hand and use it every time your lips are dry.

3. Thou shall scrub: We are all for moisturising lips. However, loading chapped, cracked lips with lip balms and chap sticks serves no purpose. Exfoliate lips regularly to slough away dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. It also makes your lips absorb the lip balm better.

4. Thou shall use sun protection: We are sure you have read this before, but it won't hurt to read it again. The sun doesn't stop damaging your skin in winters and lips should get a thorough slathering of sun screen. Most people ignore the lips while slapping sun protectant on the rest of the body.

5. Thou shall hydrate: Your skin needs to be well-hydrated to counter the drying effects of the dry winter air. It's easy to forget to gulp down eight glasses of water in winters since you don't feel all that thirsty. Ensure you are having enough water.

6. Thou shall remove the last traces of lipstick: Not removing makeup completely and properly each night leads to product build-up. This also leads to drying. Use a makeup remover and gently wipe the lips starting from the outward corners to the middle. You can also use baby oil if you don't want to spend a bomb on fancy makeup removers.

7. Thou shall add colour: Use tinted lip balms. They serve the dual purpose of adding colour while repairing your lips. A little colour on lips warms the complexion and also hides flaking.

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