Winter Gravity Games


Eco Lips is the official lip protection of the 2005 Winter Gravity Games.

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March 27th, 9:30 pm11:30 pm(EST) March 28-30th, 9:00 pm11:00 pm(EST)

Get ready for the 2005 Winter Gravity Games! The Winter Gravity Games will be hosted by Colorados Copper Mountain from March 3rd 6th. The event will feature approximately 200 of the worlds best Eco Lips protected athletes competing in eleven medal events, including: Mens and Womens Snowboard Superpipe, Mens and Womens Boardercross, Mens and Womens Snowboard Slopestyle, Mens and Women's Ski Superpipe, Mens and Women's Skiercross and Mens Ski Slopestyle.

OLN's coverage of the Winter Gravity Games will include competitive action and athlete profiles. It will also highlight the personalities, music and lifestyles of the people who are passionate about winter action sports. Qualifying criteria for each medal event will be announced shortly, while competitions may also be added to the schedule.

Ski - men and women
Snowboard - men and women
A crowd favorite, superpipe competitions never disappoint spectators and TV viewers. Athletes battle each other pushing the limits of their freestyle skills performing a combination of inverted tricks, flips, spins and big airs. At over 400 feet long, with 19-foot walls the superpipe at Copper Mountain is one of the best in North America. The riders will be judged based on execution, amplitude, landings, difficulty of tricks, and overall impression.

Ski men
Snowboard men and women
Skiers and snowboarders will test their freestyle skills in a terrain park style run featuring spines, hips, kickers, quarter pipe walls, tabletops, and a variety of rails. Slopestyle represents the progression of the freestyle movement through competition. Competitors will be judged on style, flow, difficulty, execution, landings, use of competition elements and overall impression.
Ski - men and women
Snowboard - men and women
Competitors race six at a time in the ultimate test of endurance, speed, and racing prowess. Racers will negotiate a custom-designed course consisting of whoops, rollers, step-ups, jumps, and burms. Fastest to the bottom wins.

A crowd and athlete favorite, rail jams involve street skateboarding influenced tricks performed under night skies and stadium lights in the village center. This jam style competition allows athletes to throw their most technical tricks on a specially constructed set of rails, similar to those found on city staircases. Riders are judged on style, difficulty of tricks, landings and overall impression.

Don't Panic- It's Organic! Inside the Winter Gravity Games.   Photo: Factory
Inside the Winter Gravity Games. Photo: Factory