VIVA Magazine chooses Eco Lips.


Canada's Premium Natural Health Magazine features Eco Lips in it's Winter Lip Treatment section.

The beauty section of the Feb/March edition of VIVA Magazine features Eco Lips SPF lip balm in a segment titled "Organic alternatives that target the lips". Daily Protection is the key word for Eco Lips as the author Kristine Henderson writes that;

"Most conventional lip balms are packed with preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients that temporarily hydrate lip cells, but are less effective in helping them retain moisture. Natural lip products use higher levels of organic nutrients and antioxidants that not only hydrate and rejuvenate skin cells, but lock in moisture."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Not only is Eco Lips adding three more Premium Organic Eco Lips to its already successful line of lip care made with organic ingredients, we are now distributed in Canada with bilingual packaging and Health Canada registration.

Eco Lips Vice President Jim King notes, "we've been eager to make Eco Lips available to Canadian retailers. We understand the Canadian consumer to be savvier when it comes to the organic alternatives available across the spectrum. Organics is much more mainstream in Canada...." Well, with the help of VIVA magazine, it looks like things are off to a great start for Eco Lips' expansion into the Canadian marketplace.

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