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Eco Lips Review from Trust Your Style

This is actually a great gift for a guy. It's the first thing I put on every day, and it's especially important during a cold and hectic week. A certified organic product, you won't be injesting petroleum, parabens, or GMOs, and it comes in a handy stick with all kinds of detachable clips for people on the go. Having tried almost everything on the market, I consider myself a bit of a lip balm expert, and for me the consistency is just perfect--smooth and light with no graininess, plus there are lots of great choices. You can chose from the Organic Beeswax, or Vegan Bee-free, Organic Vanilla, Organic Medicinal for cold sores, SPF 15 Berry, SPF 15 Mint, and SPF 30 for extreme outdoor enthusiasts. Another cool thing is that one percent of all Eco Lips products are pledged to environmentally focused organizations.

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