The Organic View Radio Show: Best Organic Products of 2011!


June Stoyer, the host of The Organic View Radio Show and Dennis Weaver founder of Good Food Guide for Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ have compiled a list of the best organic products of 2011...way to go Eco Lips!

“The BEST Products of 2011”

Best Agave – Madhava Agave Nectar
Best Ancient Grain Cookies – Jovial® Einkorn Ancient Grain
Best Ancient Grain Pasta – Jovial® Einkorn Ancient Grain
Best Anti-Aging Skin Cream – Skin 2 Skin™ care
Best Apple Sauce – Organic Wacky Apple™
Best Aromatherapy – Nectar Essences Organic Healing Floral Sprays and Body Oils
Best Avocados – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Baby Wipes – Natracare®
Best Bananas – Organics Unlimited™ Grow
Best Bottled Water – Summit Spring Raw Living Water
Best Breakfast Sweet – Dave’s Killer Bread™ Sin Dawg
Best Candy Bar – Angell™ Organic Candy Bars
Best Chai Tea – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea®
Best Chocolate – Kopali™ Organics
Best Cotton Tees – S.O.S From TEXAS
Best Creamed Honey – Niwot Honey Farm
Best Deodorant – Crystal® Deodorant
Best Dog Shampoo – Royal Treatment from The Royal Pet Club
Best Donut – MIGHTY-O Organic Donuts
Best Energy Efficient Technology – Smartcool™ Systems
Best Essential Oils - Aura Cacia® Organic Essential Oils
Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Giangrandi Gourmet
Best Facial Cleanser – emerginC Scientific Organics
Best Feminine Hygiene Products – Natracare®
Best Flatbread Crackers – Doctor Kracker® Krackers
Best Fresh Citrus – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Fresh Figs - The California Fig Advisory Board, California Fresh Fig Growers
Association and the California Fig Institute
Best Fruit Leather – Organic Wacky Apple™
Best Functional Beverage – Steaz®
Best Gin – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Gin (newly released)
Best Gluten Free Bread - Chaco Canyon Café
Best Herbal Teas – Chartreuse Organic Herbal Tisanes
Best Honey Mask – Red Bee® Artisanal Honey
Best Honey Facial Cream – Honey Girl Organics™
Best Hot Sauce – Brother BRU-BRU’S African Hot Sauce
Best Ice Cream – Organic Three Twins Ice Cream™
Best Kid’s Snack - Tasty™ Brand
Best Lawn Care – Fire Belly® Organic Lawn Care
Best Laundry Detergent – Vermont Soap Organics
*****Best Lip Balm – Eco Lips®*****
Best Liquid Sugar - Hey Shuga! Organic Liquid Cane Sugar
Best Medjool Dates – United With Earth
Best OrangeJuice – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Personal Lubricant – Sliquid® Organics
Best Port Wine – Badger Mountain Organic
Best Raw Chocolate Truffles – UliMana™ Primitive Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles
Best Refrigerated Fresh Pizza – Massimo’s™ Organic Gourmet Pizza
Best Root Beer – Steaz®
Best Salt – Redmond Real Salt®
Best Sprouted Bread – Manna© Organic Breads
Best Soap – Vermont Soap Organics
Best Socks – Maggie’s Functional Organics
Best Sourdough Bread – Manna© Organic Breads
Best Suncare – Soleil Organique™
Best Tea – Choice Organic Tea
Best Tomato Sauce – Eden® Organic
Best Travel Size Deodorant – Crystal® Deodorant
Best Vanilla- Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Best Vodka – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Legacy Vodka
Best Whole Grain Sliced Bread – Dave’s Killer Bread™
Best Whole Grain Kamut® Pasta – Eden® Organic
Best Wine – Stellar Organic Winery
Best Whiskey – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Battle Point Whiskey

Congratulations to all nominees!