Solar Workshop


Solar Workshop Saturday August 25th, at Eco Lips!

New Bohemian Solar Project, Cedar Rapids

The New Bohemia Solar Project, initiated by Eco Lips, Inc., is a collaboration between Iowa Renewable Energy Association, Alliant Energy, City of Cedar Rapids, Thorland Company, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The solar array was installed in 2005 through a series of hands-on workshops. The tour will include the inspection of the three types of solar array racks mounted – single axis, dual axis, and fixed - as well as inspection of the system that ties into the grid. There is also a kiosk that keeps track of real time electric data from the solar array. Click here for a detailed project information sheet.

Bill Blum, from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Energy and Waste Management Bureau will give a presentation on Iowa’s Solar Potential –

Bill Blum has been a program planner for the Iowa Department (IDNR) of Natural Resources for nearly 10 years, first in solid waste planning, and for the past 7½ years in its State Energy Office. He works on a range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and programs, and assists with policy proposal analysis. With a B.S. from the University of South Dakota, two M.Ed.s from South Dakota State University, and a J.D. from Drake University, his background as a teacher and brief run as a lawyer have made him an ace bureaucrat.

“It is very important to Iowans that the state showcase, demonstrate, and coordinate the development of sustainable, environmentally safe, domestically produced solar energy,” said Bill Blum, IDNR. “To achieve this, Iowa must educate the public on solar technology benefits, which should increase the adoption rate of those technologies. The partnership responsible for the New Bohemia Solar Project has made a significant contribution to these efforts.

Rich Dana will Host the Tour -

Rich is an independent cultural engineer working out of a super-secret compound at the edge of the "Bohemian Alps" of central Iowa. His primary consulting work focuses on renewable energy and sustainable agriculture issues, including educational outreach, project implementation and management.

This event is part of Iowa's Energizing Iowa Workshops Series. The events are $5 each for I-Renew members, $8 for non-members. Season passes are also available. To register for this event, download a registration form here or simply contact I-Renew at (319) 643-3160 or at .

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