Organic Endurathon comes to an end on Earth Day.


Organic Endurathon comes to an end on Earth Day.

The Organic Endurathon came to a close yesterday, Earth Day 2007. I was sad to see it end, mostly because we had such a great time and created so much awareness of organic products along the way. At the same time, I was relieved that is was over, as it was extremely physically challenging.
To sum up the athletic experience, I did 5 marathons the first 5 days (26.2 miles each), and developed a swollen Achilles so I decided not to run any further. My team picked up from there and ran the next 4 marathons with the help of Tony and Marsha Bedard of Frontier Natural Products Coop (see It really became a team effort! Finally on Earth Day, I had one more marathon in me, so I brought it into Iowa City for the finish!
Along the way we spoke to so many people and learned a lot in the process. One thing I learned that some people think the word “organic” means “vegetarian”. Who would have guessed. I think my next objective will be to communicate the misconceptions surrounding organic products. After talking to more than 1000 people along the way, including hundreds of children, I think we made a difference—just as we all can if we try hard enough.
It was a great ending as we were able to meet Barack Obama after his Earth Day rally in Iowa City. I hope we planted an organic seed in his head, because we definitely need more support for organic agriculture in our government! We then attended a renewable energy concert put on by IRENEW (Iowa Renewable Energy Association) featuring Greg Brown with Mike and Amy Finders. Wow! What a great ending to an amazing organic journey.

Thank you to all of the sponsors! (see for a complete list) And thank you to my support crew: Mark Patterson, Kimberly Dickey, Tom Havran, Rob Shriver, and Jon Fogarty.

And special thanks to my wife, Andrea, and my children for supporting me!

To all of the above, I couldn’t have done it without you!

And to our Eco Lips customers—your support allows us to continue to raise awareness of the positive effects of organic products.
A few examples:
-reducing pesticides in our air, land, and waterways
-increasing our health with more nutrients and antioxidants
-decreasing our dependency on foreign oil (pesticides are mostly derived from petroleum)

So thank you very much, and Happy Earth Day!

Organically yours,

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