Kissable Lips


Kissable Lips...Organically Romantic Article

By Mary Jo Matsumoto at

If you think using organic products means drab and muted colors, hippy scents, grainy textures, and paying top dollar, think again! Here's the latest organic/all-natural bright, yummy, shimmery, sexy, and totally affordable makeup and beauty products. Being health and environment conscious has never looked and felt so good!

Kissable lips
As everyone knows, having soft kissable lips is part and parcel of romance. What many people don't know is how harmful petroleum based products on your lips can be. Having tried out almost every organic lip product on the market in the last few months, I can honestly say that Eco Lips organic lip care products, which are cruelty free, non-GMO, and petroleum free, tops my list as the perfect lip balm. Packaged in a convenient small stick form, you can even pick up a stick that has an Eco-clip so it's handy during the day or for sports. Unlike some natural blends I tried, Eco Lips isn't grainy, but goes on smoother and lighter than any balm I've ever worn. My personal favorite is their vegan lemon-lime bee free 70% Certified Organic balm—it's heavenly! My next favorite is their Organic Eco Lips Gold, filled with over 95 percent certified organic ingredients. Other choices in the Eco Lips lineup include a 95 percent certified Hemp balm and Eco Lips Medicinal. Eco Lips. Products can be found nationwide.
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