Eco Lips Moves Forward with the Power of Renewable Energy!


One of the largest impacts a company has on the environment is created by the electricity it consumes. Eco Lips is now offsetting 100% of its energy usage with renewable energy! Presently, the majority of the United States energy consumption is fed by coal (49%), followed by natural gas (22%), nuclear (19%), hydro (6%), oil (2%) and 2% by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Although beneficial in many ways, fossil fuels can be extremely dangerous to the environment and to people. A major contributor to air pollution, fossil fuel combustion produces many harmful pollutants that are toxic to our environment and human health. Sulfur dioxide emissions, for example, are released into the environment primarily by electricity produced from coal. Sulfur oxide combines with the water vapors in the clouds to produce the acids that accumulate in rain, sleet and snow. As acid levels in the rain rise, the acid accumulates in the lakes and rivers. The acidity of the lakes and rivers becomes too high for plants and wildlife to survive. Acid rain also accumulates in crops, affecting the quality of our food supply.
By working with organizations such as Renewable Choice Energy, Eco Lips has chosen to offset 100% of the energy we consume with renewable energy. Renewable energy facilities generate renewable energy credits (RECs) when they produce electricity. Purchasing these credits allows us to reduce the environmental footprint of our electricity consumption and help fund renewable energy development. Purchasing RECs at the same quantity as your electricity consumption guarantees that the energy you use is added to the power grid from a renewable energy facility and supports the further development of these facilities.
The best choice for the environment and for everyone, using renewable energy is one more step in reducing our impact on the planet as we strive to change the world…one set of lips at a time!