Eco Lips in Iraq


British Soldier tells Eco Lips story

We just received this interesting email from a British Soldier:

I am a British Soldier serving in Iraq, and would like to let you know how valuable your lip balm has been to me. I have a sport and a mint, both which I bought from my local surf shop back home and bought out with me. Even in wintertime in Basrah, the sun is strong and low, and your SPF 30 has been great at keeping me protected and stopping me drying out at night when I sleep in a heated tent.

they've both got clips on as well, so I atach them to the side of my body armour to be always at hand.

Traveling light (as we need to) means that improvisation is the order of the day, and I wonder whether you know that Eco Lips also makes an excelent sunblock - it has been protecting my whole face (I thought it would be okay, 'cos it's all organic)!

I'm also glad to see that you're saving so much petoleum, what with Mr Bush's questionable motivation for sending us all out here.... but I digress.

My enthusiastic use has meant i have run out of Eco Lips within my first month of a 6-month tour!